I'm Trying It!

Howdy all,

I went to Salvation Army to try out this recycle sweater thAng! :smiley: I bought a cotton sweater for $3.50 and I am now wrapping the sleeve into a center pull ball. :cheering:

I haven’t given any consideration into what I will make with it, but that’s okay :wink: Any suggestions? :??

Hi there! Do you wind as you rip, or rip it all and then wind it? I seem to have a tangling problem if its in too big of a jumbled pile, but what do you do if you’re using a ball winder?

I’m winding as I rip and I don’t have any problems with tangling. I’ve never used a ballwinder though …

I measured my findings:

Back = 5.5 oz
Front = 5.5 oz
Sleeve = 3 oz
Sleeve = 3 oz


Wow! a pound of cotton yarn for 3.50, plus a bit of time! That’s great! It would have cost 25 bucks to get that much lion brand cotton ease…one 3.5 oz skein is nearly 5 bucks! and you wouldn’t have learned anything in the process! yay for you! :cheering:

I know … aint it kewl … :sunglasses: If I had to classify its weight, I’d put it at sport weight b/c I don’t think it’s as thick as LB Cotton Ease. I think Cotton Ease is worsted, right? :?? I’d have to check. The strand is definitely not as thick as Lion Kitchen Cotton though.

Ahh yes, cotton ease IS worsted… well, anyway you still got an awesome deal. :smiley:

Yep … now I have to hit ALL the Salva A’s in the immediate area … as soon as gas prices go down… :shock:


I’m a new knitter and about the time I learned of doing this, our only two thrift stores in town (SA & Goodwill) had already bagged up all their sweaters and sold them in grab bags. I remembered seeing them BEFORE I learned to knit. I made a mad dash back out there after reading about this nifty frugal idea, and both stores had completely depleted their sweater supply. I even remember when they were selling them 4/$1. Guess who’s crying in their yarn? :crying:

I was thinking of making this T-Shirt with my Frugal Findings. But (yes, you knew a “but” was coming) … I’m not sure if I have enough yarn. So I need some opinions … I know how many ounces my Frugal Findings are, but I don’t know the yardage. Based on ounces, I think I have enough. However, according to the pattern, the T Shirt only requires roughly 11 oz of yarn. Does that sound right to you guys? :?? I compared my Frugal Findings to some stash Lion Cotton that I have. The Lion Cotton strand is just a little thicker than Frugal Find. Any thoughts?

Aw Renna :frowning: I’m sorry. Totally keep your eyes peeled though. You just never know when they’ll have some sweaters coming in. :wink:

Ekgheiy, I did get lucky yesterday at Goodwill. I discovered they are now hanging all the sweaters together on one short rack (his’n’hers) whilst on their way to future grab bags. There weren’t many there, but I found a couple worthy of unravelling. I also found a few 100% wool one’s (one was a Man’s XL, no less) which, though they had “bad seams” (serged) which don’t work well for unravelling, they should work great for felting.

I’m happy! :cheering:

I love that t-shirt, and aspire to some day be able to make it for my dd, but I know I’m not yet ready to tackle an intermediately rated project! :expressionless:


The winter will be here before you know it, so I thought I’d re-surface an oldy but goody for anyone in the market for a sweater project for this upcoming winter. Also check out this post for low-down on recycling yarn. :thumbsup:

I’m glad to see this post! I have some things to drop off at the Goodwill and while I’m there I might as well do a bit of recon. Can’t hurt to look.

No it certainly can’t. :wink: Have fun! Let us know what you find!

OOOhh, I was trolling the other day at the Goodwill store that DH and I stopped in at on a whim…Most of the yarns - er, sweaters - that they had were funky novelty yarn or really ugly - but I am not losing hope, and I know I’m going back soon - w/my Christmas list in hand!!!

:shock: TOO much to pick from!! WOW…

There was wool, and wool blends and merino and cotton and cotton blends.

I brought home 9 sweaters. 30 bucks for enough yarn to fill a LARGE hefty bag. Most of it is either wool or a wool blend. The woman at the check out thought I had lost my mind when I told her what I was going to do with them! Then she saw the wisdom and the light bulb went off!

I’ll definately be doing this again!

Can you recycle yarn from a sweater that you’ve accidently felted? If not, what else can you do with it? I was thinking of giving it to the good will, but it’s really uncomfortable to wear now…the sweater has shrunk in weird places…

I heard and seen (but never tried) that if a sweater shrinks (felted) that you can actually cut it up and it won’t unravel. People say that they then use it to make… mittens (I’ve seen those - beautiful), pocketbooks, etc.

Yup, you can cut it - I saw one person :?? wish I could remember where :?? Who had found a bunch of sweaters and purposely felted them, and then cut out the parts she liked and sewed them together in a blanket…

You could also make a pillow out of it. I made my mother a sweater years ago that really was too snug for her so she sewed squares from the front and back and covered a pillow with it.