I'm Stumped, Help, Someone, Please?

I am currently working on the first sleeve of a jacket, in a Gedifra Pattern Magazine. All has gone well, so far. The sleeve has a box pleat at the bottom to just above the elbow. I understand the instructions, BUT don’t know how to ‘execute’ this. Ugh. The yarn is a boucle, and a real bbbbbb-bear to ‘tink.’ The pattern reads:

" When work measures 20 cm work a box pleat as foll: work 20 in pattern (which is a reverse stockinet stitch),then for the right half of pleat slip 6 sts. of the following 12 sts. onto a double-pointed needle twice, fold 2nd of the dpn to the right behind the first needle, then hold the 2 dpn in front of the following 6 sts. of LH needle (this is where I am right now) AND P1 off all 3 needles together". I understand what it says but HOW do I P three needles all at the same time - from the front to the back - back to the front, it says together so am really confused. The second part of the pleat is the same, leaving a total of 52 sts. in which to continue with the sleeve.

Any suggestions, help would be greatly appreciated. I am afraid to just ‘wing’ it because of the nature of this beastly-type yarn. It is almost impossible to tink…

Thank you to anyone a bunch.

Okay, you have it folded up and the needles lined up. You would start with the back needle, insert the right needle purlwise, insert into the middle needle and then into the front needle and wrap purlwise. If you want to practice it on some other yarn and needles, that may help you get a feel for it.

Thank you for answering my question. I already have the right needle inserted into the other three but wondered just HOW I would get the yarn purled through all three at once. I will definitely take your advice and do some practicing. I just did not want to goof up at this point. Again, thanks.