I'm stuck

ok i’m knitting some Mary Jane booties to be felted. and i’m to the strap and i have no idea how to do it. here is what the insturctions say:

Break yarn, slip 8 stiches just worked back onto left needle. You will now turn your bootie here and work towards the toe. [color=red]that i understand. next part i don’t[/color]
Join yarn, bind off next 15 st (up around toe), there should 15st on left needle and 1 st on right. (16)
how and where am i joining the yarn? i will have a pic in a minute!

side veiw. toe on the left side. as you can see i cut the yarn and now i have nothing to join my yarn in the spot where my needles are!

Just reconnect your yarn there. I’m sure glad those are going to be felted! :shock:

ok but how do i reconnect?

What I do is to tie a slip knot and use pull that through as my first stitch. Or you can just start knitting and then weave in the ends later. Or you can find a video about connecting yarn. :smiley:

If you’re going to be felting, I’m guessing the yarn is wool, so I would just slightly wet both ends (or if you want to be all old-school you can use spit) and vigorously rub them together until they felt and form a secure join.

There’s a bunch of other methods out there…

Scroll down to the joining part.

And the russian join: http://www.knittinganyway.com/freethings/russianjoin.htm

She needs to reconnect the yarn, not put yarn together. :wink:

ok, i’ll try that and if all fails i’ll check out the video. i didn’t know she had one! Thank you Ingrid. i knew when i saw you online you would be able to help!!! :heart:

:oops: :smiley: