I'm so sad - and FYI on a knitpicks swish color

So, I made my dh Durrow, everything looked great…until I washed it. I expected it to be fuzzy, a bit of a halo…but omg, my washing machine looked like it was trying to EAT the sweater!! :help: I mean, after taking the sweater out, I pulled out HANDFULS of yarn fuzzies, and there are thin spots in the sweater now :verysad:

Called KnitPicks, honestly wondering if I had done something wrong. They didn’t think it was me, instead they are recalling the yarn lot. If you have KnitPicks Swish in Capri, dye lot 31820, PLEASE use with caution, I don’t want anyone else to see their knitting disintegrate in the wash.

I think I can save dh’s sweater if I make it now handwash only - I hope. :pout:

Oh no!

I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope it survives with just the hand washing, now. I’m very glad to hear KnitPicks took the complaint seriously.

You poor thing! :hug:

I am so sorry. :hug: It is a beautiful sweater.

I can only imagine how bad you feel, after all that work.

Hopefully they will make it right for you, to the extent they can.

Thanks for the heads up!

Oh, KP is great, they gave me a full credit for the cost of the yarn - now to pick a new color for dh’s next sweater.


So glad KP is giving you credit to replace the yarn do used in the sweater.

Aw man, I’m sorry about your sweater but it was great of KP to credit you! You gave me a start though, I made my first sweater using KP Swish in Capri, thankfully the dyelots aren’t the same and I’ve only been handwashing it (and will keep on handwashing it, just in case!). It has some fuzzies, but it’s like the fuzzies from my store-bought sweaters.

Sorry to scare you, but glad to hear you’re hand washing it and seeing good results.

Fuzzies were what I was expecting, Merino wool fibers aren’t super long, so I expect some fuzzie/pilling.

Isn’t the Swish soooo soft, though? :heart:

It’s very, very soft and I loved working with it! :heart:

Yikes!! I just finished a sweater for my daughter in swish storm, and started one for my other daughter in swish navy. I’ll keep a close eye on them! Thanks for the info!