I'm so-o-o-o mad

I could spit nails. Yesterday I purchased a shrug pattern from Stitch Diva for the grand sum of $7 (for one pattern!!). I purchased the download because I wanted to make this shrug for some time and finally decided to get the pattern. In other words, I WANT IT NOW!!!

So, anyhow, Stitch Diva requires you to download a Read Me file which contains the password to unlock the pdf pattern. When I tried to download the read me file, I get a message that the file is not available. OK , doo-doo happens. I e-mail the problem to Stitch Diva and get a robot message informing me that they are all at “Stitches East” (whatever that Is) and that I should check the help, tech, and FAQ links and they’ll get back to me after 9/27.

I am livid. This is the kind of thing that totally drives me up a wall. You’d think that an internet “business” would have some means of communicating with customers 24-7/365. Or be able to respond within 24 hours, at least.

I totally recommend that no one ever do any business with Stitch Diva, ever, ever, ever!!!

(I want my pattern. Sniff, sniff, whine, whine. Sorry, but I really needed to vent. :mad: )

Has anyone else had problems with this Co? Or did I just get lucky. I really will think twice before I purchase from them again, even though they have cool patterns.

i order turtle food from this one company that lets us know BEFORE purchacing the if they are out of town orders will not be processed until whatever date they will be back. so u can either wait till then to order or go ahead and order just don’t expect your package 4 a while. i’d say you have run across bad customer service as well as poor communtication!!! sorry!


yeah they shoulda put a warning up saying we’re gonna be gone. You have my permission to be as pissed as you wanna be. :devil:

Yeah, I agree. Not putting a notice up is bad form! :fingerwag:

I feel your pain. I can be one hell of customer to deal with if a company has pi$$ed me off, so on that line of thinking - I would call my credit card company and dispute the charge since you haven’t received any product. It’s called a chargeback. Companies tend to respond with haste when your credit card company comes knocking on their door. The cc company will revoke the money from the vendor pending their response which will either be A: they give you your pattern and the means to access the dang thing or B: they don’t and your cc company revokes the money permanently so you’ll get a full refund.

I’m sorry you don’t have your pattern … :verysad:

I am sorry to hear that you had a problem. I have ordered from Jennifer many times and have always had great service. I am sure she would try to do everything in her power to make this right for you, she’s actually a very nice lady.

Stitches East is a very big deal especially for a small one woman show like Stitch Diva and especially since she is from the West Coast. I know I have a very hard time being in two places at one time.

I am willing to bet that your “special code” is the same as mine when I order so if you are interested then PM me and I’ll share the code I received. Hopefully this will ease your frustration and have you knitting in no time.

Do you have an A.C. Moore near you? I have seen some Stitch Diva patterns for sale there.

BTW, I’m hoping to get to Stitches East on Saturday - it’s in Atlantic City.


Thanks for all the shoulders to cry on. I was climbing the walls and you know how it is when you get the urge to do a pattern. Gotta have it right away.

Ultimately, I want the pattern (which is why I opted for the download), and I’m pretty sure that I’ll get it eventually.

I do think that if you are sophisticated enough to have a internet business with the site’s bells and whistles that Stitch Diva has, that it would be a simple matter of posting a notice informing customers that no one is minding the store for a few days. I would have ordered the pattern regardless and gotten over my mad right away if I knew the circumstances going in.

I love the patterns she offers and obviously she’s pretty successful, so one angry voice crying in the wilderness, probably doesn’t mean a whole lot in the scheme of things.

Girls just wanna knit. :XX:

I’d be pretty peeved, too. It doesn’t take much to have your email reroute itself to a blackberry so you can handle any pressing problems while you are out.