I'm so excited!

As I’ve said before, I just taught myself to knit in the last few months, and all I’ve done so far are several scarves (all garter stitch) and one stockingette stitch purse for my daughter (very small purse). I wanted so badly to knit something of substance, but the patterns were intimidating. I found a pattern for some easy-level pillows but I was still intimidated. I cast on my 90 stitches about 4 days ago and did my first 2 rows. Then I put it down and stayed far, far away from it. I was dying to knit but I was afraid of it! Last night I finally decided that I was going to sit and knit and take my time. I’ve taken tips from all of you (like keeping track of my progress on paper) and it went really well! I stayed up WAY past my bedtime and I am now on row 11! I can see the pattern in the pillow and that just has me so excited! I even made button holes (yes, the pillow has buttons on the edges). I’ve figured out that a pattern gets easier to undertand once I start working it. And keeping track of things on paper (as opposed to just sitting there and trying to remember - then everyone in the house decides it’s time to converse even though they ignored you all day). Anyway, I was so excited I had to share. I don’t know anyone else who knits (in person) so I just have to share with you!

:cheering: Thats wonderful Ronda!! That is one thing of many lol that I’ve learned about knitting you can’t be afraid ya just have to do it…

My SIL learned while she was up here but she wouldn’t move off of the knit stitch (and she wouldn’t let me show her CO so she could get the hang of that) cause she was to worried she is still just doing the knit stitch 2wks later which is fine cause you can’t pressure anyone and she has to go at her own speed but my brother while I was in wanted to learn… In one sitting he was CO by himself knitting and purling… he was also doing it the cont. way not the throw way LOL you should have seen her face cause he had done passed her… A few days later they came back down to mom’s she was then working on 2 scarves so I said ohh you did remeber how to CO she said no Ray did it for me :rofling:

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

yea Ronda!! :XX:

go Rhonda :cheering: go Rhonda :cheering: go Rhonda :cheering:

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: [color=indigo][size=7]YIPPEEEE KIYAY,[/size][/color] Ronda :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

WAY TO GO!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Just keep knitting…just keep knitting…just keep knitting… :thumbsup:

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Go! Go!

Yay Ronda! You go, girl! :cheering: :cheering:

Doesn’t it feel sooooo good?!

:heart: Thanks, guys! :heart:

:cheering: You go girl!!! :cheering:

congrats. Feels good to doesnt it?