I'm so confused!

:wall: I’m attempting to knit the sleeve and it said to cast on 42, then cont as follows: 15 sts moss, over the 12 center sts inc 8 sts each tiime (=double 8 sts) = 20 sts cable stripe, 15 sts moss pattern.
For sleeveshapng inc 1 st at each end of every 10th row 6 times and 1st st on every 8th row 6 times =74 sts.

The first question I have is, what do they mean by [I](=double 8 sts)[/I] and my second question is,
If I start out with 42 sts then increase the center 12 by 8 more stitches then increase 1 st on every 8th row x 6 and increase 2 sts every 10th row x6 doesn’t that only give me 68 sts?

I’d really appreciate your assistance!

Wow! I wish I could help you, but someone will be able to!

Thanks anyway!

K they want you to do the 15 stitches on eiter side of what is to become your cable panel. It’s the set-up row for the panel itself.
Now as for the sleeve shaping itself,
You start with 42 increase the 8 sts (don’t know what that whole double 8 thingee is but I’m sure it made sense when they were writing it up) Now you have 50, then for the outside sleeve shaping (makes that famous wedge shape for sleeves n stuff) you are increasing one stitch at EACH edge (front end back end) 6 times for 12 more stitches. Now you have 62 sts. K the next set of directions tells you to increase 1 sts at EACH end every 10th row 6 times That’s another 12 sts. k 62+12= 74 The correct amount of stitches.
Hope that helps.

Oh! Now I see where I got confused. Thank you so much!