I'm Ready to Divorce my Cat!

OK, so I’ve got 3 cats, 2 Siamese and 1 DSH black kitty. This black kitty has decided to pee and poop on the rug in my rental house! UGH! This has been going on for more than a month. I’ve tried everything! I even put a litter box right next to where she’s going and she won’t go in it!

She’s probably pissed at me (no pun intended!) for something. All I know is I’m ready to get rid of her but can’t seem to get past all the guilt feelings associated with getting rid of a pet.

I just washed the carpet yesterday and helloooooooooo! She peed in the corner and pooped right next to it! UGH!

Any advice anyone?


She may be sick. A visit to the vet is order here.

I had a male who did that years ago when I moved into a new place. He even pooped in his food dish and on my pillow while I was sleeping! The vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him.

Out of desperation I changed the location of the litter box.

He never did it again.:cheering:

I agree a visit to the vet…sometimes different problems can make them stop using the litter box… also did you change the litter? I know my cats are picky about the litter and I can’t just change it on them…do they all 3 pretty much share a litter box? or do they have their own ones? My oldest cat wouldn’t share with our kitten so now they have their own boxes… well my oldest cat has 2 cause he won’t pee/poo in the same box :shrug:…also stress can sometimes cause this they can pick up if you are stressed… sometimes it comes with age as well… I hope you can figure it out and get him back in the litter box… :hug:

I second the vet trip. Sometimes pets will do stuff like this to tell you they’re sick.
Luckily, my cat is so nonchalant about her box. We take her on vacation and take the box with us. She’ll use it while we’re driving down the road. She’s always been really able to adjust to change but some cats don’t. If he/she isn’t ill then you’ll have to play Sherlock Holmes to find out what’s skeeving kitty enough to cause this issue. Good luck. :hug:

take your kitty to the vet to rule out any medical problem that might be causing the inappropriate elimination.

you should have one litter box per cat in the house, plus one extra litter box, as a general rule. some cats have substrate preferences, so you could try regular litter in one, clumping in another, feline pine in a third, etc, and see which one kitty goes for. most cats also like to go in a clean box (can’t say i blame them, i would rather use nordstrom’s bathroom than a truck stop’s), so make sure you clean them every day.

we recommend “kitty jail” to our clients who are having this problem. kitty stays in a large dog crate (or a bathroom) with a litter box, food and water and a place to sleep for at least a week, or until kitty is consistently using the box. gradually begin to increase the “living space” using gates, doors, or other barricades, all the time making sure kitty is only using the box. most cats will get the hang of it quickly.

you can lay down tinfoil over the spot where the cat seems to be going most frequently as a temporary fix - most cats don’t like to step on tinfoil. lastly, examine your environment closely - did one of the other cats corner this cat in the box at some point - does she get picked on by any of the other cats? are there new stray cats in the neighborhood? you can get a product called “feliway” from your vet’s that can help - it soothes stressed out kitties, and comes in a spray, and in a plug-in room diffuser.

i hope everything works out with your cat.

I’m a strong proponet of getting her into the vet, first and foremost! Also, you mentioned the house is a rental, have you moved there recently? Could there be certain attractions from past occupants?

[B]I also like Bellium’s suggestion.[/B]

It would be hard to find your kitty a home, if you are honest and tell people the problem you are having, and it wouldn’t really be fair to her when she may just be trying to tell you something. Try to work with her on the problem, and maybe you can get it worked out. :wink:

Nature’s Miracle for the carpet. If the previous tenant had a pet, yours could be marking over it (if there’s nothing physically wrong with it). Not to mention it will help with removing the current residue. And you might try some Feliway–it’s a synthetic “happy” hormone. They make both a spray and a plug-in. They’re a little pricey, but we swear by them (and we have 8 cats).

I once had a cat who took to peeing wherever–including on my bed, moments before I got into it! I’d changed the litter slowly, like you’re supposed to. She was fine with it while it was mixed, but once it was all the new stuff, she wasn’t having any part of it. The bed was the last straw, and she won. We went back to the old litter the next day. :rofl:

You can’t divorce a cat. They can fire you (cats have staff!) but . . .

My cat Mulder also out of the blue decided to do this. The only thing that worked was getting a steam cleaner and cleaning the carpet like nobodies business. He did it for a few reasons, but we did rule out the medical problems first. He wanted attention, ie: staring at us and peeing, he smelled the old cats, box not clean enough, general passive aggressive cat stuff.
Really clean the area. if you can lift up the carpet and get under it too.

Thanks everyone for your great advice. I have to be honest and say that I could never get rid of this cat. She’s so adorable even though she’s being the way she is.

Tomorrow at 9:45, Thea has an appt. with the vet. Then we’ll go from there.

Thanks again.

Wow! she is gorgeous!
I have found that when kitties start to poo in places they usually don’t is behavioral. Pee usually means urinary tract infection, but poo usually is “hey look what I did to get your attention” What you need to do is figure out why she wants your attention. Is her litter box too close to her food? (no one wants to eat close to the poo box) is she mad about a recent change? (new kitty, new house, new place for her poo box, new litter, dang it really anything can set them off even a new blankie on the couch!)
Does she look at you when she’s doing it? ie: "hey i’m just sitting here watching tv and I look over and she looks at me and does …"
If it’s the same spot all the time you ABSOLUTELY have to clean the bejeegers out of it. cat’s can smell other cat’s and their own urine for years after it’s been there.
I have also put the tin foil/box/whatever over the spot. kinda works unless you have mr mission impossible kitty that thinks that is a fun challenge:roflhard:

Oh, Thea is really beautiful!! Please keep us posted, and know, we feel your pain!!

What a beautiful cat!

Well, $154 later and there’s nothing wrong with her! Gotta love this cat. She purred the whole time she was at the vet, even when they were trying to take her temp and get a fecal sample. HA!

Sooooooooooo, now I need to figure out why little Miss Thea is pulling this on me. I’ve been in this house since March and it’s really only been the last month or so that she’s started this behavior. I put another littler box in another part of the house that she likes to go in. I cleaned and freshened the other box, I’m going to get that pheromone plug in thing that the vet recommended this weekend. Oh, and I put some plastic down where she goes. I’m going to get a big plastic tarp this weekend and then, next week, make an appointment to get the carpets steam cleaned.

My last house was all Mexican tile so there wasn’t any carpet for her to go on. And she had a nice high fenced in backyard that she loved. All she has here is a big lanai. No fenced in yard.

I’ll keep trying until I figure this out because I love this kitty.

Thanks for all your support. I’ll keep you posted.

You knooooooooooooooooooow, I give this cat all kinds of attention, pick her up, brush her, everything so I’m really not sure what her deal is.

I am having a similar problem with my cats. I have a “phantom pooper”-- I have 2 cats and I don’t know which one is doing it. Now it is beginning to smell like urine, but I can’t find a spot where they are going. I have had mine to the vet and one of them has a urinary tract disease and we switched the food, and all was well for a few months.

Today, we shut them out of the basement. We moved one liter box back to the entry way- when it was there before, it was the only box both would use anyway. We have 3 boxes so that isn’t the issue.

I think I will be getting a rug doctor this weekend :hair:.

I had a phantom pee-er. Only we didn’t know it until way later.

We have 3 cats and 2 GINORMOUS litter boxes. We have a massive storage closet in the entrance of our Apt, and so we stuck it there and leave the door open a crack. It keeps the litter away from the main part of the house. I love it.

I admit, for a while we were bad kitty parents. If we smelled the pee when we came home we knew it was time to clean. Then we realized every day we smelled pee. Then one day my shoe was wet when I put it on… Yup Pee.

One of em had started peeing in the shoe spot right beside the door to the litter room. FH kept saying it was my big fatty Boots, coz he had a history of it. (he did this ONLY a few times right after mom had him declawed because he didn’t like having newspaper for litter) Or even my other cat Batty coz he is slightly “special needs”. Turns out it was FH little girl kitty who was peeing on the shoes. He sure ate some crow there. We started cleaning the litter every day and she stopped.

But I had to throw out like 4 pairs of shoes and 2 flip flops coz I could NOT get the smell out.


I have four cats, and for some unknown reason, about a year ago one of them started peeing all over the floor, in front of the litter boxes. I have two large boxes, both cleaned out regularly. The other 3 have no problems going in the right place. The pee-er poos where he is supposed to but for some reason, always likes to pee in the same stinkin place on the carpet. We tried different litter, rearranging the litter boxes, I even got new boxes… it is so frustrating!! We thought that maybe he felt he wasn’t getting enough attention (he usually runs away when we try to pet him though, go figure) and have been attempting to pay more attention and give him special treats. This seems to be helping, the occurances of pee on the floor are getting less. I also got a plastic runner to put under the litter boxes and it covers his “spot”. So now when he is naughty, I can just wipe off the plastic instead of having to drag out the carpet shampooer. Hopefully he will stop completely soon. Good luck with your baby!

And she had a nice high fenced in backyard that she loved. All she has here is a big lanai. No fenced in yard.

That to me shouts that this is the problem. She has probably figured out that she can’t to out there anymore and is ticked. You changed an environment that she loved to something more restricting. she will either have to get used to it or you will have to have a compromise of some sort.

Don’t you wish they could talk to us? Wait, maybe not. :roflhard:
Good luck, I am glad nothing is wrong with her though. Good luck being Sherlock Holmes.

I have to agree with Mulderknitter. I had a cat who had always been an indoor kitty…until my neighbor’s child (aka Bad Tanner, Hell Monkey, What-Do-You-Think-You’re-Doin-Tanner???) broke my front window and Phoebe got a taste of the outside world. When the window was fixed, Phoebe went back to being an indoor only cat. Phoebe then became Phoebe G%@ammit. She was getting into everything, starting fights with her 2 sisters and the dog, and generally destroying the house. She had always been pretty good but once experiencing the great outdoors then being kept in the house again, she started acting out.

Once something good is taken away, they may exhibit unwanted behavior. With your beauty, it may just be the compromise of getting a harness and leash for her and taking her for a couple of walks a day. It worked for my cat, though she wasn’t initially thrilled with the leash. She got used to it though. Here’s a link that might help if you’d like to give it a go… http://www.wikihow.com/Leash-Train-a-Cat

Good luck!