I'm only know how to knit one thing and now I can't! Any suggestions?


This might seem like a very weird request but I simply don’t know what to do.

I have a pattern that I’ve done before from a book called “Gifts and Accessories by Beehive” Book No.90. I’ve knit the angora helmet for babies on page 15. Was a very successful gift I might add and was a complete surprise seeing as I don’t knit. Here’s the problem: niece is expecting in January and I need to knit that damn hat again. The catch is - no Fuzzy-Wuzzy left on Earth! I called the manufacturer and it is not being made anymore. Does anyone know where I might find this in Toronto? Or if you have some at home may I buy it from you? The pattern calls for 1 (1/2 oz.) ball knit on two No.8 Queen Bee Knitting needles.
I’ve been to a couple of knitting stores in Toronto but wasn’t able to understand what they were telling me as an alternative. Something about use this wool instead and change the pattern to match the tension. I can barely follow the pattern let alone change the thing. Any help would be much appreciated. I need to start soon because it will take some time to get my knitting fingers back in shape!! Thanks, Rob. Forgot to mention: my email is roblines@sympatico.ca

There are ways to substitute a different yarn. If it’s the same weight of yarn and the gauge matches, it’s a straight substitute. If the yarn is thicker/thinner, changing needle size should result in the proper size finished item.

Those who can help you substitute successfully will be along shortly. Welcome and happy knitting!

I have never seen Fuzzy Wuzzy, but from what I can tell by a google search it was an angora yarn by Patons, right? There are lots of other angora yarns though. Here’s some that I found:


Look around though - call your LYS and see if they have any angora in stock or can order it if you prefer to purchase locally :slight_smile:

thanks and you are correct. It was a Patons wool. I just found an old empty bag and it says 10g on the outside. I looked at the site you listed and maybe I’ll just go to knitting store and see what I can find as a substitute.

If you bring that old bag you have of Fuzzy Wuzzy your LYS should be able to show you something compatible or perhaps suggest something that can be ordered. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Yarn Forward is a well-stocked and knowledgeable yarn company in Ontario. They have one store in Ottawa and one in Kanata, as well as a large online business. Worth checking if you’re anywhere nearby. http://www.yarnforward.com/ca/store.html

thanks . I’ll check them out and see if they at least have something equivalent.