I'm on the Knitty Gritty knitster waiting list!

I got an email a coupla days ago saying i’m being put on the list to be a

knitster when Knitty Gritty starts filming again here in Los Angeles in Oct.!

I sent an email back in April when someone here mentioned Knitty was

looking for knitsters and then again about a month ago when it was

brought up here again. I thought neither email went through but I guess

the one from April did… I’m sooo excited! Hope I get picked!

Thanks to whoever started the original post!


:cheering: Yeehaw! I’m [color=green]green[/color] w/ envy :mrgreen:

That’s SOOOO COOOOOOL!!! :cheering:

can’t wait to see ya! Sneak in a plug for KH if you do!!

Kelly…that is the :thumbsup: [color=green][size=6]COOLEST THING EVER[/size][/color]!!! Just WOW!! I wondered how one became a knitster, like if the guest chose the knitsters or what…but I guess we know now… :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: That is just great!! Can’t wait to see you…I wonder what you will be working on, and with whom!!..i’m so EXCITED :smiley:

Thanks you guys… :smiley:

And of course i’m bringing up [size=6][color=red]KnittingHelp.com[/color][/size] when ever I get the chance.
[size=2](they’ll be so sick of me talking about it they’ll probably kick me off the set.)[/size]

[size=6][color=blue]If[/color][/size] I get picked, i’ll give ya all the details. :thumbsup:


Yet ANOTHER KH celebrity in the making!! :cheering:

Maybe I should wear a [size=6][color=red]KnittingHelp.com[/color][/size] t-shirt? Or…Sweater???

:?? ( Do you think they’d allow such shameless advertising?)

Maybe I should wear a KnittingHelp.com t-shirt? Or…Sweater???

Where ARE the t-shirts… :thinking: .wasn’t there some mention of KnittingHelp t-shirts some time ago?

Congratulations Kelly!!

Maybe your could wear one under something and flash. :mrgreen:

Just kidding.

Or…you could easily make a pin…one like those worn at high school football games with pics of the players on them…I believe they can be easily made…u could have the logo on the button…a rather [size=6]large [/size]button :wink:

Super duper congrats!!!
but… waaahhhhh, we don’t get DIY on our cable system. In laws do at the lakes 'cuz they have digital. if i’m lucky enough to wrestle the remote from the guys when we stay there on weekends then sometimes I get to see it…
I should just ask my mil to tape it for me…

i hope you get a spot on the sofa and if you do… i hope to see it!

I have taped everyone of the Knitty Gritty shows!!! But mine are on loan to a very good friend now…
You MUST get you MIL to tape it Binky
YOU must tell us when u will be on Kelly :wink: !!!

Oh… i’ll be telling ya all about it if they call me back. :smiley:

Supposedly, they’re shooting every day through October. :thumbsup:

The guy said if i was interested to email him back and I did. So i’m just

waiting for them now. :pray:

and [color=blue]foothills[/color] I don’t really know what happened to the

the [color=red]KnittingHelp[/color] t-shirts. I think the idea :figureditout: just fizzled out.?

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread, Kelly. How exciting. It’s about TIME they started filming again, I’m getting rather sick of the reruns! Every episode is on my DVR…