I'm new and trying to decide between knitting and crochet

Hi All…

I’m very new and inexperienced in this craft. My goal is to make men sweater, blankets, throw, etc. I’ve seen online people who crochet blankets, throw, socks, gloves, but never men sweater. Can one crochet men’s sweater? Which has nicer selections of patterns for men’s sweaters between knitting or crochet? Should I start out with knitting? After I get better, I can make men’s sweaters and then branch out to crochet later? I’m not sure what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I crocheted before I knit, but I really prefer the look of the knitted fabric. IMO Although you can make anything with either method some projects do work a bit better as knitting. Crochet is much bulkier and the stitches lacier looking so they work well for summery sweaters and afghans. Socks need to be a finer, smooth knit to be comfortable. Mittens, hats and sweaters need the denser less open fabric of knitting for warmth.

Really though just choose one and start learning. They’ll both be nice to know.

Learn both. You may find crochet better for some things and knitting better for others.

I first learned European style and then English Style. When I learned continental style I had just watched a video about crochet and found that the stitch in the crochet video was like doing a stitch knitting continental style except that I was picking up a stitch with a knitting needle instead of a crochet hook. After somewhere online I reviewed a video where the host said that she teaches crocheters’ ( if that is even a word, I don’t know) to knit continental style as they seemed to catch on faster

Indeed, Christine. I tried learning throw method several times over 3 years, never clicked, then someone showed me continental and it was like OH! I get it.

I crochet more than I knit. I crochet blankets, I crochet slippers, purses, bags…

I only have 1 crocheted sweater. Thing is, since it uses almost twice as much yarn as knitting, the darn thing is waaaay too heavy and I’ve only worn it twice, both times to show someone.

As to which you should learn, I, like the others say both, but as to which you should learn first, I would say attempt them both and go with the one that clicks first.

I started out knitting and then wanted to do some fancy things like crocheted edging and other designs which usually involve crochet. So I taught myself crochet as well. I actually love both and what I’m working on determines which I use. If I’m making a blanket I’ll crochet because it’s MUCH faster!! But I like the look of knit for other things.


I’m quite new to both knitting and crochet but for some reason I’ve found knitting easier to pick up. Knitting pattern reading seems to be easier for me for some reason!

Knitting is best for garments. :thumbsup:

Crochet is nice for flat work, such as blankets, scarves.
But that’s about it.

[/B]However, Kristin Omdahl would disagree! :teehee:[B] She’s the Queen of Crochet!

Like Jan, I prefer the look of knitting for most garments. However, I do think that crochet works better for some projects. Also, crochet can be used along with knitting. I am just learning how to crochet, but I have used crochet edging on my knitting a couple of times. I would recommend learning both!

Thank you to all for the valuable input. I very briefly did crochet before when I was very young as part of a class, and I remembered that it was very relaxing and meditative for me. I think I’ll start with knitting first. Since I’ve never done it, I’m very curious about it. I’m not sure if I will like the knitting look more than the crochet look, but part of the fun is finding out about things that I don’t know.

Again, thank you to all for your input.

To me they both have their advantages. If you want to make a blanket quickly, crochet is the way to go. They each have their own unique looks. I love the variety of stitch patterns that you get with each craft. I hope that you enjoy knitting as much as we all do here. :slight_smile:

I like most here agree that you should learn both! I started knitting - learning via youtube videos (i had no idea about the fabulous videos here!), and tried to crochet sooooo many times! I could never get the hang of it! But i kept practicing and one day it finally clicked!

I agree that knitting is better for garments! Crocheting is WONDERFUL for afghans and baby blankets! It goes so fast! The only downside i would say is that it uses so much more yarn than knitting!

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress! WE are all here to help if you get stuck!

Happy Knitting or Crocheting!