I'm making The Chubby Sock & need help w/ changing color


I’m knitting “The Chubby Sock” cover photo from Christmas Stockings- 18 Holiday Treasures To Knit.

I watched Amy’s video on changing colors, but this may or may not be alittle different. The pattern says to: *K2 with ecru, p2 with medium green & rep from * Do I carry both strands forward and back together across or leave the purl strand (green) in front always, and the knit strand (ecru) in back always? :doh:

Thanks for reading,

It sounds like a perfect application for stranded knitting. Run the yarns parallel across the back so they don’t twist and k2 with one then k2 with the other. Keep the stitches stretched out on your right needle and you’ll be all set.

Thank you Ingrid!

I have more confidence now thanks to your verification of what I’m doing. The instructions call it corrugated ribbing and Fair Isle border. My first attempt was wrong I had loops/strands on both sides of my work on circular needles.

Have a great week!