I'm making a tank top

I have started this project with just an idea in my head. I am making a K2 P2 ribbed tube on circs large enough to fit my daughter’s bust snugly, but not too tight to where the ribbing is overly stretched. I am now almost done with that part. I want to make straps for it and I am not exactly sure if what I have in mind will work. So let me explain what I had in mind.

When I reach the desired length of the tube part I was going to slip 6 sts onto a holder where I think the straps should go in 4 places…2 in front and 2 corresonding in back. After I bind off the tube, I will go back and work the 6 sts at each spot in the K2 P2 ribbing just long enough for them to reach the top and meet the corresponding strap. With me so far?

Then I want to try that 3 needle bind off to join front and back straps.
It seems to work in my head, but I would appreciate the feedback.
I would also like to do a nice crochet edging all around, but I don’t want to lose the stretchiness of the ribbing. Does any of this make sense.

well having not made any clothing type things besides booties i am not sure that i am really the best judge but i don’t know why this wouldn’t work for you. what i would say though, is that it make sense to me to just make each strap in one piece (my understanding of what you were thinking was to make them in two pieces and meeting them in the middle at the top of the shoulder basically) and doing the three needle bind off in the back. that would be my inclination anyway :thinking:

It all makes perfect sense, and I think the strap idea is excellent. I would just make sure that the straps are the absolute right length before you bind them off. She should be able to try it on at that point so you can be sure.

Crochet edging stretches, too, just be sure not to make it too tight.

Sounds like the right idea to me! Why dontcha check out some of these free tank patterns…maybe they will give you some more solid ideas/confidence!

Hi April,

I did a tank top for my daughter this summer in a ribbon yarn.

I made a tube with a little waist shaping on circs until I got to the armhole, then did the armhole bind off and did the front and back on straights (back and forth on my circ) until the neck shaping. I bound off 6 or 8 stitches in the center (can’t remember exactly and notes are at home) then decreased at armholes and neck edges in a curve, working each side with a separate yarn just like most sweaters, until straps were 1.5 to 2 inches wide and about 5" long, then did 3 needle bind off at shoulder seams. I did the front and back exactly the same, except I did an extra 4 rows on the back before the “neckline” shaping and made the back straps 4 rows shorter. It came out quite nicely, and fancy enough that she can wear it to work with a suit, or with jeans for casual. Great thing was NO SEAMING other than 3NBO and it went quick!

I did mine in reverse stockinette stitch, but ribbing would work just as well, and be even more “body hugging”. The crocheted edging should add a nice delicate touch.

GO FOR IT :thumbsup: :cheering:

Let’s see a pic when you’re done :cheering: :thumbsup:

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX: :XX:


I did a tank like that this summer too and I did the 3NBO in the back, where the straps met the live stitches. Actually, I did one with kitchener stitch (grafting) and the other with 3NBO to see which one I liked better (experimental project!) and I liked the way the grafting looked and felt…but with ribbing, I don’t think that would be an option. :smiley:

Thanks everyone! I feel so much better now. I am just a few inches away from starting the straps. My daughter is only 13 and has to wear a uniform to school. The uniforms are pretty casual…polo shirts and khaki pants, shorts or skirts. She just doesn’t like that the white polos are a bit see through so she wants something for under. But I think this is going to turn out nice enough to wear alone in these New Mexico 100 degree summers. I don’t know the brand of cotton yarn it is… was part of a large box of used yarn from Ebay :oops:

But the color is like a bone or super light taupe…not really off white or ecru. But anyway with my daughters olive coloring it should stand out nicely. I will try to get someone to post pics for me. You cannot believe how excited I am after reading all your posts. :happydance: Thanks again.