I'm making a drawstring bag!

It’s a simple pattern that’s really cool! You can use silk or cotton yarn! (I used cotton, Lion Brand Cotton, Candy Colors)! I’m still working on it though!:knitting: The circular needles are pretty easy to use!:happydancing::star:

is this a market-type bag? what will you use it for?

More of a fashion bag, but I could take to places like the market. By the way, i’m only 12!

It seems most people agree that cotton yarn is the best for this project! :slight_smile: :happydance: :knitting:

I used Lion Chenille Thick and Quick to make a bag for my not SIL. I couldn’t find a black velvet one for her RenFair pirate costume, so decided to make one. I did it on size 8s so the stitches would be snug.

That’s a cool idea! :):knitting:

The name of the pattern is Give it a Whirl Bag! :knitting: I found it in Creative Knitting Magazine. (It was from last summer!)

I just made it in stockinette - what else are you going to do with black thick chenille…?

Huh? I’m using cotton! I said the chenille wwas a good idea though!

That was a rhetorical question… Meaning one in which there’s no answer required as it’s self explanatory.

Oops sorry about that! :frowning:

Can I share the pattern with other users or is that not allowed?:think:

Since it’s one that was in a magazine, no. If it’s on the internet, you can link to it.

Ok thanks! I just didn’t want to anything I wasn’t supposed to.

Here is what the bag looks like, exept the colors I used are are different.http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/1406/2673/1600/IMG_0909.jpg
(Pink, purple, yellow, white.)http://www.lionbrand.com//yarns/kitchen.htm
Then click on candy colors.

Cute bag. :thumbsup:


That turned out great! You made a good choice with the yarn. The colors are really pretty!! :inlove:

Well, I didn’t finish yet:knitting:, that was a sample picture and a yarn color sample! Thanks though! That’s what it will look like though! :slight_smile:

Grrr… I had to frog ther whole last night because my needles were to long and I forgot to join on in the begining!:wall::gah::frog: