I'm looking for a pattern

I have been looking on the web for simple begainer patterns on straight needles. It seems like all the patterns are on circular needles. I make lots of scarves. I feel I am in rut… Please help!!!


This is Silver’s Sock Tutorial - if you can knit and purl, you can knit socks. And DPN’s (double-pointed needles) are just one straight needle after another. Socks are WAY easier than they look, portable, faster than sweaters, and great to wear.

Try it!

You should check out the Lion Brand website. I really enjoyed using their patterns when I was first learning to knit. You can search their patterns by difficulty level, finding all the beginner patterns.

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There are lots of beginner patterns out there. We can probably give you better advice if you tell us what you are interested in making. A bag? A sweater? A hat? A belt?

I understand your fear of circulars, but there is really nothing to be afraid of. I’m a beginner, too, and was nervous about using circulars. Really, there’s nothing to it, I promise.