I'm looking for a beginner pullover sweater

that is made from worsted weight yarn. I just got the greatest yarn from the woolen mill near here and want to make a sweater from it but have never done a sweater before. Anybody got a suggestion for one that’s easy to tackle?

A top down raglan is probably the easiest. My favorite even now actually. :wink:

If you’re willing to buy a pattern I recommend the ones from Knitting Pure and Simple. They are well written and easy to understand. My first one was #9724.

If you’d rather not buy then here’s a few ideas. The first two are pattern generators where you measure your gauge and yourself.

Thanks, I like that one and the web site says the yarn shop closest to me carries the patterns. I’ll call her this week and make sure.

A stupid question…The pictures say one of the sweaters takes heavy worsted and the other takes light worsted. My yarn is just listed as worsted. Can I use it for either one?

It looks like I bought way too much. I wasn’t sure how much to buy so I bought ten skeins. I have 1900 yards and the sweaters don’t take near that!

Yes, generally there’s not a lot of difference between worsted and light or heavy worsted. The needle size would make a difference, so you should use one that gives you the gauge in the pattern.

Again thank you. I’ll go check it out. As soon as I finish the scarf that is a Christmas present for my BF I can start on the sweater. I’m really excited to be doing a real project instead of the scarves and shawls I’ve been doing!

You can use the extra yarn to knit a hat, mitts or even a scarf. If there is enough left you may be able to do a little cropped cardigan. :thumbsup:

Come in here if you have any questions. We’ve got a How-to Forum just for how-to questions on your patterns.

Congratulations on trying your first sweater! I’m on my first one as well.

The pullover I’m knitting comes from the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns and so far the pattern is living up to its name. The pattern for my sweater calls for a bulky yarn but they have patterns for worsted weight too.


What Jan said!

I :heart: :heart: :heart: the Pure and Simple patterns. Have made several and am currently working on #9724 for #2 daughter in a Plymouth Encore greenish heather using #9 needles.