I'm look for a sub

I’m thinking of making this cabled sweater next. Can anyone suggest an acrylic substitute? My skin is a bit fickle when it comes to wool. I don’t think I’m flat out allegeric; some wool items that I own irritate me … some don’t. :? So I don’t want to put in all that work into the sweater to find out I can’t wear the darn thing. :roll:

It looks like the recommended yarn is Wool-Ease? That still might work for you, as it contains very little wool. It’s mostly acrylic. You could try making a little wrist band out of it, wear it next to your skin and see what happens. If you use the recommended needle size, the bonus would be that could be your gauge swatch too.

Yep … it’s Wool Ease … Thick & Quick. Sorry, I forgot to mention that. :oops: