I'm knitting with GIANT needles hehe

Had these made for me, they’re 20 mm !! (19 mm is US 35 !)
Having fun trying them out :wink:
To compare…the smaller needle on the last pic is 10 mm (US 15)

Wow!!! I might be able to convince myself to start and finish a scarf if I had needles that big! Crazy :o)

Hehehe You would finish a scarf in no time :wink:

Those are EPIC and made of WIN!! :heart: :heart:

Those are not only fat, they are really long! It hurts my hands to knit with big needles…feels like I’m knitting with bats! :lol: I like the fabric though…it’s cool!

Love the second picture (you poking the little guy in the nose)! Those are monstrous needles!

I’ve got some 35’s but not that long. I’ve used them a few times and they do help you finish in record time! :slight_smile: Enjoy!

Hahaha that’s my youngest son :slight_smile: He wanted to watch his mommy knit :slight_smile:

I had them made this long for me, wanted to make sure I had enough room for the sts on the needle

Oh that’s a riot! I have some size US35, too! Big white tubes with pointed tips! Mine are shorter than yours!
Thanks for posting the humorous photos!! I needed a good chuckle.

I love it. The stitches are so big that they look different when I first looked at them. :yay:

OMGGGGGGGGGGg its the 1st time i hve seen such big knitting needles …thnks for sharing

And I thought size 17 needles were big, which I’m using to knit a scarf. Yours are true giants!


WOW!! Did not know they came that big!! Lovely stitch definition.