I'm In Raverly!

My old e-mail address had a Ravelry Invitation in it! I can’t get Hotmail on my new cpomputer for some reason. ( has something to do with settings.) Anyway, I can still check Hotmail on my son’s comp. And I had an invitation there!

I’m SusanMarie1956 on Ravelry also.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

:cheering: Congratulations! Hope you have lots of fun there!!! I haven’t gotten in myself yet, there’s one person ahead of me in the line… Anyhow, congratulations!

Me too!! I"m Robynbird there.

Cia - check your email. It said 11 were ahead of me and I had an invite in my inbox. :slight_smile:

Robyn - thanks but as franatically as I’m clicking the “look me up button” as franatically am I checking my inbox… saying 1 is ahead of me is just cruel imho

Yes it is…I hope you get the invite soon!

They’ve invited a lot of people today, over 800 (886 to be precise, and yes, I have kept track). The invites are really speeding up.

I just checked mine and it said I was invited today. Can’t wait to get home!:yay:

[B]Maybe I’ll see you kedek![/B]

Hope to see ya’ll there soon. I’ve got 198 in front of me. This week!!! Yeah!!

Congrats! I got in today too! Sooooo exciting.

I’m Spikey over there, too.

I just got into ravelry today.
Username: heatherdw

I’ll go add you now!

Last night there was one person ahead of me in line, after lots of frutiless clicking I decided to sleep, ofcourse the first thing I did this morning was to run down and check my email… and there it was!!! My invite!! I didn’t have much time to look around before school… but now it’s my time to play :woot:

Yay for all of you with invites! Do they send out invites on the weekend? If so I calculate I should get my invite by Monday. If not then I’m looking at Tuesday or Wednesday. I can almost smell it!

Yeah you! Mine should be coming later today or tomorrow too. can’t wait to see y’all there :waving: