I'm hyperventilating - seriously!

In two days a query will land on the desk of an assistant editor at Interweave Knits magazine…that could potentially change the world of knitting…
…unless it ends up in a “slush” pile among a thousand other queries
…or is misunderstood even though I rewrote the 3 pages TEN times…
…I’m dyin’ here…anyone else in the same boat?

Oh, - it’s about a knitting technique that took me 20 years to develop and acquire experience enough to pursue doing this…

oo fancy! can’t wait to see it! hope it works out for you.

I looked on your blog and see it’s about double knitting? I’m very excited because I’ve been wanting to try it and would love to have more info on it! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! :yay:

Hi! :waving:

I’ve been a professional artist for many years, and I know EXACTLY how you feel! Many of my “children” have gone out to make their way in the world and it’s a very scary thing for “Mom”! :thud:

It’s a little like walking down main street in your long johns (with the flap down) and feeling a draft! Talk about “exposed”!!!

But no matter what the outcome, it’s so VERY WELL DONE to send it anyway. Just wanted to acknowledge you for your courage as well as your creativity!

Best of luck and keep creating - and hyperventilating when you send them out! :woohoo:

Ruthie :hug:

Scary but wonderful! Good luck. Seems to me that new techniques are always of interest.