I'm heartbroken over this book!

“The Any Yarn, Any Size, Knit Hat Book
by Sarah Bradberry”

I have wanted this book FOREVER but didn’t remember to get it when I had the money, and now I check and the place that primarily sold it in australia went out of business, so even the online vendor (http://www.earthfaire.com) doesn’t stock it, for obvious reasons.

Soes anyone know where I might be able to find it? I checked amazon.com, overstock.com, half.com and ebay.com - no luck, all I could find were sarah bradberry’s “kids knit” books… Although I am trying to e-mail her and the place that previously sold her book, but please give me a heads up if you see it anywhere! I was so heartset on getting it one day!

I’m so sorry :frowning: for you…I’ve never seen even that book! I will certainly let you know if I do! There are customizable hat patterns around, if you would like to use one while looking for the book, I use this formula for all of my hat designs…I wish you loads of luck :thumbsup:

Hey, it’s okay, I’m still looking around :slight_smile: My boyfriend thinks I’ll find it for sure, but I’m like “eh”…The main reason I wanted the book was because of all the funky hat patterns it has in there, like the mickey mouse-ish one, and then there’s a cowboy hat pattern in there and a witch hat…tons of stuff, so it wasnt just that they were customizable, but thats a good attribute too. Thanks so much for that link :slight_smile: And thanks for the luck, I think I may need it!

I searched in every way I know how, also. No luck. I’ll keep an eye out, though.

I want it now, too…I love the mouse…I love hats & I would wear it in a minute :wink: So, I am guessing it’s just out of print :frowning: ?!

It’s possible, I e-mailed the lady, but no luck yet (It’s only been 30 mins) There’s a sample site somewhere with some hats she’s knit - I’ll find it…

There, just click on the ‘Sarah Bradberry’ ones…and then there’s this:


I wish I still had the list of hats from that book darnit…

Thanks for helping me search!

Okay, I’ve looked around & on www.halcyonyarn.com I found this and this. I also found that www.patternworks.com has a gazillion books & I didn’t look thru all of them…if u want to give them a go :wink:

EDIT I just looked @ the links you have…I love the blue witchy hat…and the spiral crown is a fave in the other hat…I do so luv hats, too :inlove:

She appears to be keeping her web site current: http://www.knitting-and.com/blog/index.html

Yea, the knitting-and.com site is where I found her e-mail address. She responded! :cheering: She said she is working on a rewrite of the book and is looking for a new wholesaler in the near future because she lost her last one. :cheering: :cheering: :happydance: :happydance: I told her that I can’t wait to see it! And she said she is going to keep her website updated with that info when it comes, so I bookmarked it! Thanks everybody!
Rebecca, those books look really cool too! …ah,…my ever growing list of knitting books to get - I’m sure I have well over 50!

I googled her name and found this cool link of her free patterns