I'm going to make a blanket out of dishcloths

Hi everyone!
I was on www.knittingpatterncentral.com and i came across all the fantastic dishcloth patterns. I really love the ones that have a picture in the middle. You know like a monkey, pig, fairy, flower stuff like that. However i have no use for knitted dishcloths and no one in my family likes them either. I just LOVE the patterns. So i was thinking of making lots and sewing them together to form a blanket. I know my Mom would love this for a Christmas gift. So does anyone have any tips on doing this? Is it not a good idea? Should i use the same color around the border for all of them so that they can all be sewn with the same color thread? I’d prefer not to do that so…anyway. Give me some input maybe someone has done this before and has a picture they can share with me? Let me know guys.:flirt:

As long as they are all the same size I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You can crochet or knit them together.

Check out my Stashbuster Sampler Afghan or Laila’s Crazy Quilt by ArtLady in the What’cha Knittin’? forum. (Examples of joined squares.)

Also, lots of dishcloth patterns here:



Beautiful piece, cam.
See this?
Amazing, even to a non-american.

psquidy… The seaming together won’t be that noticeable as such (not on right side at least depending on which technique you use) so I would go with your choice to have different coloured borders. Even if you choose a more noticeable seaming; you could change the colour of the yarn you seam with and thus create general squares on the back. That could look quite nice.

Another option would be to make the blanket just like ONE dishcloth, but MUCH bigger. I made a baby blanket for a friend that way. Turned out GREAT!

I think its a great ideas. You get to knit, your mum gets a blanket, it win win!. I personally like to crochet squares together. I don’t like to sew :roll:

My friends and I did a baby blanket for a friend like that. We made sure all of the squares had the same number of stitches. A few had to be adjusted to fit the right stitch count but nothing major. We each knit one vertical row. So once we finished one cloth we changed the color and knit the next. Thereby eliminating a ton of seaming which we all hate to do. I wish I had a picture to show but I did this way before I got a digital camera! The FO had four seams connecting our four sections.

I’m actually doing something similar with the helicopter pattern that someone posted for me earlier. I’m double knitting it so it’s reversible and when it stitch it together I’m going to alternate colors. Great idea!

Thanks for the tips everyone! I was actually going to ask if anyone had tried it the way HollyP suggested! I think that would be easier and you save all the casting on too. I already did one of them this weekend. I did the flutterby fairty from www.knittingpatterncentral.com has anyone been to that site? It’s really great.