I'm felting and I'm scared!

My tote is in the wash as we speak. I’m so nervous! I hope this turns out okay! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! :shock:

relax!!! it’ll be fine. :heart: :smiley:
check on it every few min tho, to make sure it doesn’t felt too much for your liking.

Felting is an easy process but I remember being as nervous as you are the first time I did it. I was watching the washer like a hawk, checking every few minutes - it’s a good idea to do that though, you don’t want it to shrink too much. Let us know!

okay, okay…now I’m wondering how it looks…how did it do?! I’m sure just fine…felting is vey exciting bc you never know until you open the machine & shape the item!!

Thanks ladies! It turned out so awesome!!! Okay, I’m probably a little biased. But I really like it! And my friend Judy, who got me knitting again, just happened to come over when I was taking out of the wash. She was thrilled too and gave me lots of congrats. :slight_smile:

DH left the digital camera at work, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a pic. Oh, and when I showed the bag to him he said “YOU made THAT?” If he hadn’t seen me knitting it, I don’t think he would have believed me. Silly.

I’m so happy! Eeeeeeeeeeeee.

Deeeeep breaths.


:cheering: :cheering: YAY for you!! I’m so happy that it turned out well! Isn’t that so very, very exciting?!
What bag is it, anyway…have u told me this already…if so…apologies…tell me again…lol
and what yarn did u use?

see? it all worked out well! :happydance: :cheering:

can’t wait for the pics! chanting pics pics pics!

I can’t wait to see it! I thought felting was so much fun! It was neat to put it in the washer all big and floppy and only have an idea of what it will look like when it comes out. And I bet it was better than what you expected. I know mine was.

Oh, stop encouraging me! :wink:

The pattern was one I bought at my local LYS. Called the Sheep Tote. I’ve seen it online. It’s suppossed to have little white sheep felted on the front, but since I’m using it as a book bag for church I didn’t include them. I used Noro Big Kuryeon. Blues and purples are my favorite colors. Just love them!

DH did have his camera, so here’s some pics.

omg that is GREAT!! goooooooooooooood job!!!

color me jealous!![/color]

:happydance: Great job… Like the colors too… :thumbsup:

Your bag is really beautiful-----carry it with pride!

I love, love, love it! I have almost finished my tote (put it aside for baby things that had to be made). Anyway, I have the same nervous feeling. Your bag is amazing! Stand proud! :happydance:

Those colors are gorgeous!! Great job!! :cheering:

AWESOME job, Ben!!!

I know whatcha mean, though.,…I was TERRIFIED the first time I felted! (Doesnt that sound like an experience I may have had as a teenager in the back seat of a car?? :shifty: )

well yeah and hopefully with a grammar teacher! :stuck_out_tongue:

:shock: Bren, it would have been totally INAPPROPRIATE to get felted by a grammar teacher!!! :shock:

wellllll i considered that and even considered whether i would have wanted to have been felted by any of my grammar teachers (which is a no in case anyone is interested!) but i was such a good girl that i wouldn’t have ever considered being felted anyway…

adjusts halo :angelgrin:

LOVE it! Felting rocks :slight_smile: