I'm excited!

:cheering: Yeah so excited next Friday my mom is coming up and we are going to a knitting fling!! DH is watching the kids while we go from 6-midnight not sure we will stay that long since she is driving 4hrs the same day but I get to work with Alpaca wooohoooo!! I got a little skein from knitpicks awhile back to add to my mom’s purse and was in looovveee with it and told my dh I want some for Christmas cause its kinda out of my normal knitting budget not kinda it is… :rofling: but the class we will be doing is Alpaca wrap :cheering: :happydance: I’m so excited can’t wait to knit with some Alpaca and I think its gonna be my grandmother’s Christmas gift when I get it done :happydance: so I get to knit with my mom at a knit party, get to knit with Alpaca, and get to cross another name off my Christmas knitting list :lol:

Last night mom was like I can’t belive I’m doing this haven’t knitted since mom did, I can only remeber how to do K, P, YO, and K2tog and here I’m gonna go knit in public!! I told her the wrap is all K with drop sts so it will be easy and we are using 15s she got nervous on me I told her it would be fine and that I haven’t knitted with 15s for awhile either so it will be a change for my hands. LOL I was told no practicing with the 15s and to learn to knit slower with her :inlove: my mom…

Well thanks for letting me ramble :happydance:

Sounds like fun all around :happydance: :happydance: ! Especially since u get to knit with your Mom…that’s too cool1 Ya’ll just HAVE FUN :cheering: :cheering:


bah! She won’t take pictures…well she may take pictures of her mom but no dustina pictures! :wink: You are going to have such a good time! can’t wait to hear all about it. what color is grandma’s wrap going to be?

LOL are ya kidding :roflhard: I just get near mom with a camera and she goes into panic!! LOL When I post a pict of mom not sure I have I have to sneek… shhhhhhh… I’m the one always taking the pictures brendajosos so nooo pictures of me I’m the camera women :oo:

Well we had to pick last night so I choose a deep red burgandy almost and navy… which ever one mom doesn’t want is what it will be I like them both verryyy pretty can’t wait!!

They got this new baby yarn in called Heavenly oohhh soooo sofffttt I see something anything being knit out of that might try a sweater for Roo… :thumbsup:

Didn’t want to start a new post for my ramblings… lol I was to like the elbow on my son’s sleeve when he wanted to know where is my stripes? what huh? my stripes like on my belly there is no stripes on the arms… well umm mommy was afraid she couldn’t get them to match up on the sleeves so thought I’d just add orange at the end… no mommy I need stripes on the sleeves… :frog: now I have no sleeve and missing a sts I can’t find :crying: