I'm excited, bought some new wool

1 sk Filatura Di Crosa Valentino 131 Yarn , Golden Oak 2
1 sk MALABRIGO Hand Dyed Merino Yarn - Orchid 1 U

  • 1 sk Noro Sakura Yarn #4, LOT

totally clueless to all the yarn out there, used to always use the cheap-o stuff from wal mart and must confess still feel lost in this are
the above is what I bought today on ebay…I would value your opinions as to whether I made some good choices, I want to make some mittens, and a hat and I dont know what else
you can be honest lol !!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo!!! Uhm, that yarn is really really bad and you should send it to me. :teehee:

One skein of Malabrigo will make a NICE soft pair of mittens, with some leftovers.

I haven’t used the other yarns, so I don’t have an opinion.

well i don’t know much about the other two but I think Malabrigo is horrible and you should purge your stash of it immediately. I actually have a Malabrigo Rescue unit currently stationed in my house so you could send it here and dispose of it safely.

really…send it immediately… it’s for your own safety… really




OMG HILDI!!! :rofl: :roflhard: :rofl: :muah:

hahahah I said it first, so I guess I get it then!!! :happydance:

:verysad: thaaaaaaaaaaaat’s fine. I think I already have two hanks of orchid in my house anyway. i guess i don’t need another! :wink:

you guys are hilarious…I take it from the veiled attempts at yarn theft that you feel I have at least made one good choice, but who knows maybe I will just hate it and if thats the case to thank you for the good laugh it will be sent along to you lol
thanks again

you’ll love it, promise!!!

Without trying to steal your yarn ( :teehee: ), most of us love Malabrigo (there’s a reason we call it mmmmMalabrigo!). It’s reeeeeally nice to knit with!