I'm Drooling

a la Bruce

Uh - pardon me…

Excuse me whilst I drool … :drool: I sooooo wanna make this - the link died.. I’ve been drooling over it ever since I made this one. sigh … one day … :pray:

***edit - here’s a new link with a pic. Scroll down to #6, Sporty Hood.

Care if I join you in your drooling party?

Not at all deary, not at all … it’s so totally drool’worthy ain’t it? :heart:

Totally. I LOVE that non-cable cable thing on the arm. How cool is that?

I know - and to think, the pic that I linked is NOT a good picture of it at all. :fingerwag: You so have to see the nice pic in the book next time you drop by LYS.

Not that I can afford it now, BUT there’s no harm in webindow shopping for yarns. (web + window shop = webindow shop) :mrgreen: I think Smiley’s has some sub yarns I could use… so totally unfortunately though - the book is AT HOME!!! :verysad: So I don’t know how many yards I’d need. How can I webindow shop without all the details? I mean really - my goodness … :cry:

beautiful sweater (the cable-y one!)

I just got the RAM wools catalogue today, and there’s some dreamy patterns in there…sigh!

Yum - I’m lovin’ the Cabled Muskat! :drool:

Get a load of the Boheme Cables… :shock: I don’t think I’m stylish enough to pull that one off though… :thinking:

Yum - I’m lovin’ the Cabled Muskat! :drool:[/quote]

I got the Ram Wools catalog too! I didn’t realize what kind of catalog it was at first glance… there are some coolio things in there I am coveting. Boy, if you got one EK and Carol, I must be really special! :happydance:

Me? :?? Special? :?? :oops: Nah - I just took a look see at the catalog online… :mrgreen: Carol’s the speshkle one … :wink:

hehehee,yeah I’m a special nutcase!


*man do I want that new Debbie Bliss booklet - :drool:

So I brought the book to work with me. teehehe Let’s see … 10 skeins at 160 yds … :thinking: I could always subsititute 2 strands of worsted for chunky :thinking: OMG - webindow shopping is so dreamy in a saddeningly longing kinda way :inlove:

ekgheiy opens a new browser to webindow shop

:thinking: Well - Patons Shetland Chunky is only 25% wool. I wonder how Ms. Sporty Hood would fair with acrylic?? :rollseyes: Dang webindow shopping!!! It appears I’m just as addicted to it as I am to actually knitting. :lol:


errr I just bought a few things on line and I am embarrassed to say I don’t remember what they were!



I made my son a sweater with Patons Shetland Chunky last Christmas. I knew that it would spend a great deal of time on the bedroom floor, so I wanted something easy to care for. I liked it and would use it again when I do something chunky.

:rofl: Aw not to worry dear! Your fellow KANSA (knit-aholics not-so anonymous) understand. }} hugs {{

awww thanks! :smiley:

(KANSA - hehehee! love it!)

:thinking: I’m wondering if Ms. Sporty Hood would look good in a deep green. :thinking:

I do that ALL THE TIME! I’m glad I’m not the only one. Whew! :happydance:

Well - I couldn’t help it. :oops: I started my sporty hood w/ some left over yarn from my Kyoto sweater. It’s “Dark Sage” and is turning out quite nicely. It’s also not dye lotted, so I can get more yarn as I need and can afford it. :happydance: I put the back on the needles yesterday and have about 6" done!

And I must say that I stand corrected. Last week, I posted that I’ve not met a chart that I liked. Well - the Sporty Hood chart is quite fantabulous. :mrgreen: The pattern is broken down into written instructions AND charts. I found myself wishing the written parts were just incorporated into the chart!! :shock: :lol:

This sweater will probably top all of the other knitting projects that I’ve done, so I kinda felt bad about having to use the acrylic for such a major project. But … well … sigh … hey … at least I’m still knitting. :thumbsup: