Im doing the simple baby bib

hey, i know im pretty young for knitting im only 14, but, i want to knit a Simple baby bib for my baby cousin, its the one on the site, i need help with what colors would really stand out, like blue, yellow and white or orange, red, pink, please i need help with that

Are you wanting to make it different colors? or just one? I like the idea of a red bib…it’s different…so is orange :happydance: …

if your going with two colors then I’d prolly go red/white or orange/white :blooby:

For one colour go for a rich bright colour, not pastels.

With two or three colours, yes… orange, red, pink. Or pinks with purple. Also, aqua/teal looks great with a rich blue and lime. Lime is also lovely with pink.

I have always loved blue and orange or purple and yellow… as a mom I think I would rather NOT have white on a bib…

Thanks Everyone, I made the bib, Im sorry I havn’t been on, I’ve been traveling. Couldn’t bring my needles with me, not even the plastic ones :waah:

Please join Flickr and share your bib picture! We have quite a few young teens here so you aren’t alone! :thumbsup:

I can’t post it up, my computer won’t let.

PM me and tell me what the problem is okay? :wink: