I'm confused about reverse stockinette

I need to do 4 rows of reverse stockinette and I did the long tail cast on. Does that mean I purl the first row? Its just not making sense to me for some reason :??

I think its the same as stockinette except that the purl side is the right side. Yes, you can purl the first row.

If you consider your CO to be your first, and right side row, you’d do K on the return row so you get the Ps on the RS. If you do P after the CO you’ll get K on the RS and the rev st st will be on the WS. Make sense?


You can do either. However, the longtail caston has one side that looks a bit like purl bumps, which many people prefer to put onto the purl side of the stocking stitch, this is why some purl the first row, but you do not have to at all.