I'm buying a wheel!

My fundraising drive was successful :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

so as soon as I figure out who can get it to me the fastest, I am buying a Fricke S-160DT :happydance:

I’m so stinkin’ excited!!! :blooby:

Wow, very cool!!! :cheering:

Oh my gosh! That was soo quick. Congrats!!!

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Yay!! I’m so happy for you!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I’m glad your fundraising happened so quickly - you deserve it!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

That is amazing!!! (Wishing I would have thought of something like that…I still need my woolie winder :?? )

I can’t wait to see it…

WTG Julie!!! LOL, even before payday came around here for me to pitch in! I did put your button on my blog, though :wink:
I’m so happy for you :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks everyone, for sharing in my excitement :cheering:

I keep going back and forth. WooLee Winder or no WooLee Winder? Getting one would mean I have to wait a week or two and see if more donations come in, which would be nice but of course involve a lot more spinning. I swear, if I could reach these people I would have ordered it already. But I’m having a hard time getting ahold of them.

And get this, I even went to take the donation button off the blog last night and Blogger wouldn’t let me. I edited the template and it simply would not let me publish, no matter what I did. :wall: :?? So is it a sign that I should hold off for a few days? :shrug:

Hey Julie, Went to your blog but didn’t see the wheel button so it must have finally worked to remove it.

I’ve read several blogs who stated they didn’t feel they needed the woolee winder because the winder on there is so easy to use but I still wish I had the bucks to get the woolee.

I just called woodland woolworks. They have the double treadle in stock, it will ship tomorrow. I get a pound of corriedale, wood wax, wheel oil, AND $20 craft cash to spend later. $289 with shipping. :happydance:

Your yarn is so beautiful. If you’ve got the dye for a gorgeous deep red I’ll donate too!! Paula

Thanks for the info Paula…I e-mailed Woodland yesterdaya nd they haven’t responded to me yet. But now that I know that they have them, and they won’t be waiting on the (unreliable) home office, I went ahead and ordered too :smiley:

Hope they have more than one in stock! :rofl:

Really, those who have them speak so highly of them…I think it’s worth the risk. I don’t really have anywhere to test-drive wheels that aren’t $850 (the closest fiber shop to me only carries Schacht Matchless wheels) so I was going to have to buy without trying anyway.

WhooHooo Julie! Hopefully they do have more than one in stock. Maybe we’ll get our wheels at the same time!

Ummm…Let me know if you can do the red yarn for me. Haven’t learned how to dye yet. I’d be very happy to wait until you get your wheel. :inlove:
Don’tcha need like extra bobbins or somethin’?

Do you want red yarn, or would you rather have red roving you can spin yourself? :smiley:

Dang, people gave you money to buy a wheel?! Maybe I should start a fundraiser for myself! :cheering:

OOOOOh. Hadn’t thought of that! Just realized you still have the link in your sig line so I’ll click! Way cool. Paula

Yes, Becca, they did! :cheering:

I thought, well, I could spindle yarn and try to sell it, which would take for-freaking-ever, or I could sort of do it in reverse! And it worked! :smiley:

Not surprising, knowing how generous knitters are, adn how we’re always looking for a good excuse to acquire more yarn :thumbsup:

I’m so happy for you, Julie!! :hug: :muah: :hug:

Thanks Andrea :muah:

Congratulations Julie! I have been saving for a wheel too- and the Fricke is one I have been considering. I look forward to hearing how you like it.