I'm back

Hopefully I’ll be able to stick around for a while…lol…I HAD to stop coming by because I was just TOO tempted with all the goodies…but I might have myself under control now. I have a list of things that people have orders in for now…soooo…I won’t be AS tempted??? HAHAHAHAA>…

I bought some yarn at a KILLER yarn sale, but need to return it…sigh…it is SOOOO yummy too…but the checkbook balance is way too low…it is killing me to take it back, but we gotta eat ya know? I’m kind of taking my time I think in getting it back, in hopes that they’ll say…no can do…then it wouldn’t be MY decision.

I have contracts for
1 sweater
5 pairs of socks
and 2 purses

The sweater, the sleves are done, and I spent a good part of Sunday knitting, so the back in about 2/5ths the way done. I won’t have much knitting time this week (maybe tonight if I don’t fall down asleep…dh woke me up this am @ 4:45 looking for car keys…grrr…)

The socks, question…(if you’ve made it this far), he wants a wool cotton blend. I went to the yarn store, and they only had thin sock yarn in that blend. He is in construction, and I know he wants WOOL SOCKS…the camping variety. So…a friend suggested to put a thin cotton yarn along side the wool. She is a VERY experienced knittier, so knows her stuff…but to avoid that, is there a wool cotton blend that my LYS doen’t have? in the worsted weight or heavier?

The purses: One is a purple and yellow…:slight_smile: and the other is a plain black folded and felted, or rather felted and folded. lol… She has her idea of how it is to look, and I have my idea. I don’t know her real well…so hopefully it will turn out like she wants. Big rectangle, folded so it is a pouch type bag with a flap. AND she wants fringe…I am going to go and buy the fringe, rather than try and make it out of yarn. I just don’t thing it’ll work well.

I also get to teach my first knitting class!!! :slight_smile: Took a Spiritual Gifts survey, and Craftsmanship and Teaching were high on the list…SOOOO hopefully it won’t be a disaster…suggestions? I’ll be teaching a 2 needle mitten at the suggestion of my friend listed above, with a modification to the pattern.

I have NEVER EVER felt more at home and comfortable with myself when I have my needles in my hand. (read Spiritual Gift)…lol…and everything I am working towards now, is really to KEEP those needles in my hand!!!

Whew…that’s a lot…lol…and there’s more…but I can’t remember…lol…

have a great day :slight_smile:

Hey Heather welcome back!! :cheering: :happydance:

Thanks!!! Already I’m in trouble…lol…those felted clogs…sigh…it is a DARN good thing my fam lives in AZ…otherwise I’d have those for them for Christmas…

my kids DO need slippers tho…hmmmdeeedummm, and what is WOTA? OH…nevermind…I JUST got it after a year of wondering…lol…Wool of the Andies right?


Glad to see you again! There is a Regia yarn, HERE that is a cotton wool blend, but it is a smaller gauge.

picky me…lol…

was thinking something with a heavier guage…but that is SOOO cool…marked THAT site too!!! :slight_smile:

Hey hey hey…glad to see ya back :smiley: !
Very cool that you have these nice orders… :cheering: :cheering:
I found this rowan yarn that is a cotton/wool blend