I'm Back

Hi everyone this is tinker AKA Vanessa. I have been so busy but wanted to come back on to say hello to everyone. I have been knitting a few things, not many…i got done with a pair of socks for my father, a wash cloth for my father, and i am half way done with my baby blanket i am working on. I will post a picture for you all to see. I hope everyone is doing well! I go to the OB today to see exactly how far along i am in my pregnancy i should be about 16 weeks…I will post tonight or tomorrow depending on if i can remember to lol. Talk to you all later!

Wow !!!

You’ve been bizzzzaaay …

Welcome back! :cheering:

Congratualtions on your little bebe. :angelgrin:

and nice going with all the knittings going on :XX: !!!

Welcome back! And a mommy-to-be in our midst. Now we have someone to knit all those cute baby things for! :wink: