I'm always coming up short!

I’m so glad to have found this board! This is my first post, and I apologize for it being a plea for help.
I’m working on a lovely lacey wrap using a chart pattern. The pattern says to CO 65 sts and then follow pattern. It’s full of YO’s and k2tog’s and MB and the occasional cable thrown in for good measure. My problem seems to be that I’m adding stitches or not following properly because when I reach the end of the row, I still have stitches that I need to knit! It’s making me crazy.

I’ll use this example to explain what I’m doing. Say the pattern is CO 5 sts. Row 1: K2, YO, K2TOG, K.

So, I K2, no problem
I YO, no problem,
I K2TOG, no prob…
There is no stitch to K!

When this happens over a row where there are several YO, and decreases that follow, I seem to come up short several stitches.

Has anyone had this problem? Where am I going wrong! I’m sure the answer is so obvious that I will feel like and idiot when it’s explained to me so please, don’t feel bad about making me look like a boob. :oops:

Thank you for your help!!

Tam :XX:

When you do a YO, are you just putting your working yarn up and over the right needle, or are you doing something involving one of your cast on stitches??? A yarn over does not use up any stitches on the left needle, it creates a new stitch on the right needle.

Your example of K2, yo, K2tog, K1 on a CO of 5sts should work out.

K2…uses 2 stitches
YO…uses ZERO stitches, but creates one stitch
K2tog…uses 2 stitches
K1…uses 1 stitch

I must be doing the YO wrong as I’m using up a stitch.

I’ll review how they are made and hopefully that’ll solve that problem.

Thanks!! :happydance:


This happened to my daughter. The directions she read for yo said to yo and knit the next stitch. Just do the yo as an act in itself.

That’s exactly what I was doing. I thought that you did the YO and then knit the following stitch. So, I was using up a stitch where I shouldn’t have. Now I’ve got it right.
It explains why I couldn’t get the pattern on my last project to work out, too.

Thanks again!!