I'm a snob

I have preconceived notions about things. For instance, I’ve always assumed that if you want to find something inexpensive but relatively decent quality you’d go to Walmart over Kmart. In the same vein, you’d go to Michaels over AC Moore.

What makes it worse is that AC Moore is in the mall and Michaels isn’t and I hate the mall. But I’m almost done with my booga bag and I needed to get a zippered pillowcase to felt it in and we were out near the mall anyway.

AC Moore is PACKED with yarn. They even had Merino wool. None of the other places had wool. They had several different brands of yarn. I was in heaven!

All of a sudden, the mall has become dangerous to our paychecks. laugh

The closest AC Moore to Illinois is in West Virginia. :verysad:

WOWWIE!!! :shock:

I’m sad…I’ve never even heard of ACMoore…I guess it’s not a ‘southern’ store! But…it’s probably a good thing bc I ALREADY spend WAY TOO MUCH money with my habit. But…now it’s mostly done online at knitpicks, and then, of course, at my LYS…and Michaels if I have to have something fast (that is…if they have it)…Thus…u see the reason I spend way to much money on knitting…I CAN’T HELP MYSELF!!! :rollseyes:

Well so y’all won’t feel TOO badly, there wasn’t a HUGE selection of wools (not like in your LYS) but that there was any was great. They had the whole line of Lion Brand and they had a lot of Bernat, and most of the wool was Patons Classic Wool Merino and there was some other stuff but I don’t remember who it was by. They also had, of course Red Heart and Caron. They had a much better selection of the Caron Simply Soft stuff which is all acrylic, but doesn’t feel like it.

Rebecca. I’d never heard of AC Moore until I moved up here, so it much not be a southern thing.

We have an AC Moore here in NC.

I love A.C. Moore. Unfortunatly it’s because I have no choice. Michael’s is an hour away. I go there somethimes when we visit family in the area. But other than that, I can’t see paying that much in gas when just I could get in more yarn instead. :lol: ~Brooke

After today, I’m loving AC Moore. I will still have to travel to the “real” yarn store for specialty yarns, but it’s really nice to find a really local place to get a variety of yarns.

In the area of Maryland where I live, AC Moore has much better yarn, needles, and notions than Michael’s. They also have frequent 25 percent off yarn sales.


I agree … the selection is better at AC Moore, at least … the one at The Avenue does! The only problem is parking!!! Grrr!

:thinking: Sounds like we need an AC Moore here, way out west!! Michaels selection of needles is lacking though recently they’ve begun carrying Clover bamboo needles…they have no DPNs and only large circs. Good thing my LYS is just down the street!!!


This is why I miss Baltimore. I love ACMoore.
:mad: Stupid Illinois :Mad:
In that vein, I love the Avenue too (they have a birk store yay)… The michael’s (if it’s still there) in Parkville (perring and joppa I think) USED to be an MJDesigns, which was the best store ever, but I don’t know if they exist anymore…
the key to getting parking at the Avenue is to find out what time the two top movies are getting out… show up about 10 minutes later, and you’ll have a front row spot, gar-UN-teed

And we all know how I feel about Walmart, so i won’t necessarily go THERE (and hijack another thread with my politics) BUT I saw a commercial for Walmart today, pointing out how they will buy habitat preserves to match the square footage of the stores they have and will build in the future, because they know that they need to protect out country since American-made is better… i’m guessing this means they’re buying this land in China

Since we don’t HAVE ACMoore, I was forced to go to Michael’s; bought some cotton, and I love it!

Twig, you don’t HAVE to put it in a zipperd pillowcase… just put it in a regular pillowcase and tie a loose knot at the top (so you can get it open wet). That’s what I do, because I’m too cheap to buy a pillowcase with a zipper!

Well, as it turns out, that’s what I did. I bought a pillow COVER and not a pillow case :wall: which happened to be waterproof – I guess so you don’t get drool all over your pillow. I wanted to felt the bag today (and didn’t want to go back out) so I had to improvise.

The felting turned out pretty well. I’ll get pictures tomorrow when it’s all dry.

Oh no!!! I guess the waterproofing wouldn’t have helped it felt too much, huh? Can’t wait to see pictures! Someday i’ll finish mine!

Hey Hildegard!
FYI - That Michael’s is gone!! Joann’s is there now. I haven’t quite decided if I like it yet though because I’ve only been there a couple times.