I'm a senior member!

And a dork. Sorry for that. :shifty:


and we’re all Dorks to some dregree here :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wanted to post to see what I am…probably a peon…:lol:

Oh, no way, I’m a senior member too. How’d that happen?

Me too! I think its your post count that determines what you are.

Hey, me too!

Hey, Me too!!!

I think the consensus is that we like the new forum


Wow…what does that make me? An Elderly Member? :shifty: :lol:

I’m not sure I’d like to be called “senior”. :roflhard:

Oh wait, I AM!

What am I…?

edit Senior!

Okay, I’m using the quick reply…I kinda like it :slight_smile: Let’s see if smileys work too. And what I’m ranked…

ETA: Yup, I’m a senior too. And smileys work here! Woowoo. It gave me a reason for editing!

hmm what am I?

Woohoo! A senior member!

I’m a junior member… Wow! It’s nice to be young again :roflhard:

Me… Senior??? :passedout:

Jan~~ :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

You are too funny~ You are and “elder Member”~ Elder = well respected~!:muah:

Just posting to see “How old I am”:roflhard::roflhard::happydance:

When I saw my “Senior” status, I burst out laughing! :roflhard:

I think it’s great we get “ratings!”

How many posts make you a senior member?

Oh, I guess something less than 200!

Good lord. I must be ancient if it’s based on posts.:rofling:

hahaha Ingy :rofl:

we don’t even get status!

I have just over 100 and I’m a senior member… so maybe 100 posts “promotes” you?