I'm a new knitter, Can anyone help me bind off please?

:smiley: Hello, I love this site, it has taught me to cast on, knit and now bind off. However I am having problems when I come to bind off the last stitch - I can’t, I just keep going to form a chain/tail and if I don’t keep going the stitches unravel. I know this is probably stupid of me. Please if anyone knows where I am going wrong I would appreciate the help… thank you :?? by the way I’m using the basic knit bind off. :smiley:

Have you watched Amy’s “Demo of a small project” video? At the very end she shows and discusses the last stitch.

After you knit and slip all the stitches you are left with that last one on the right needle. Basically you cut your yarn, remove the needle from that last stitch (don’t loose the loop though), then you’ll secure the yarn by running the free end (that you just cut) through the loop and pulling snug. You’ll have to work that tail in for few stitches more so it doesn’t come loose, but it won’t just unravel anymore.

Thank you so much for your help, you have solved my problem…I don’t know anyone that can knit where I live in Portugal so this site really is a wonderful thing … thank you again, sorry for the delay in my reply, I really appreciate your response. :thumbsup: :smiley: