I'm a beginner

Seriously. A very green beginner. All I can do is knit stitch and purl. I’m making a scarf that is knit 2 purl 1. It has taken me all winter just to get half way done. I have a new baby (well, she’s 11m old today) and I want to make her some things. Any suggestions for an easy project for her?

Try some of the baby projects in Mason Dixon knitting book. Making washcloths too would give you practice and is a confidence builder. :hug:

ohhhhhhh… washcloths!!! What a great idea! :figureditout: Thanks so much!!! BTW, what does OTN stand for?

OTN On The Needle

And hi and don’t forget the handy videos on this site to help expand your knitting skills .
May be worth checking out some knitting books at your local library too

Oh yea, and what type of yarn do I use for a washcloth for an infant?

OTN = On The Needle; i.e. what we are currently working on!

cotton chenille gets softer when washed!!!:x:


Bibs and blankets are pretty easy starter projects and good practice.

Cottons are good for washcloths.


I’ve made several. They’re cute, quick, and easy.

As for materials, cotton yarns and acrylics are great for baby items since you can toss them in the wash.


I always use cotton. It’s very easy to care for. Buy a nice cotton if you make dishcloths, washcloths or bibs. Otherwise, You could use cotton blends. There are some nice ones out there!!!

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Your little one looks adorable, aren’t they fun?

I made this for my DGD, it’s easy and the instructions are well written and easy to follow.


Thanks to everyone! I’m about to go work on my scarf!

What is good to make with wool? That is easy!!!??