Illusion knitting ratio

Hey everybody! I’m working on some illusion knitting right now and making my own charts. The patterns I’m working on are all circular. When I finished the first one and laid it down, it looked pretty elliptical. I know that the way you chart for illusion stretches it out a bit. My starting chart was 60 stitches wide and approx. 55 rows.

I read through the jigsawknits page and I know it recommended keeping your chart under 40 rows to keep it manageable. Is that 40 rows before you re-chart it? Or should I try scaling back the original chart? This will be panes for a blanket so I don’t want them to shrink too much, but I want circles, not ovals.

Should I try making my chart more squat before I re-chart it?

I’ve not done this work but I would have thought to obtain a circle and not an oval shape that the dimensions both ways would have had to be the same… And I would have thought you would look to chart that from the outset and in 40 rows or under. Interesting not having done it considering it because I would have to think about stitch width via stitch height to to try and get the ‘perfect’ circle :slight_smile:

So, if 40 rows high would that equal 40 stitches wide or indeed more would be needed for width? etc…I’ll be interested to see what more experienced people suggest.

I also haven’t charted illusion patterns before, so this is just me musing…

I would say to knit one repeat of the pattern as you have it charted now. You might be surprised, because the nature of illusion knitting, namely switching colors and using both knit and purl stitches in the pattern rows, could cause the chart and the knitted item to look wildly different. If you followed the instructions from a website, you’ve probably done it correctly. Swatch it and let us know how it goes!

I had already done the larger one according to the website when I first posted this. I have since started on a scaled back version (the original chart is just 40 rows). So I haven’t changed the width to height ratio, just scaled it back. I’m 1/2 way though and I can already tell that it’s looking less eliptical.

The only explanation I can think of is that with the larger pattern, it’s easier for the eye to see how much further away the top of the pattern is. With it being smaller, the optical illusion is more effective.

I’ll post pics of each when I finish the smaller one.

Sweet thanks! I’m want to try this someday, so I’ll love to see how it goes. I’m gonna make the alien illusion scarf from Stitch n’ bitch for my step-dad, then I want to try charting my own.


Ok, well maybe I was a bit wrong. Hmm, I really don’t know what to do. I still think it looks a bit eliptical. But I may be crazy. What do you think?

Longer/larger version:

Shorter/smaller version:

I haven’t designed any shadow-patterns of my own, but I’ve seen some. And when I knitted a heart it was much higher than it was wide, say 40 stitches by 70 rows, yet the proportions looked right. Though I don’t really think your circle looks all that eliptical.


Just wanted to say from the pics you posted both look
like circles to me. After studying them a bit I wondered if
you might start thinking it is a bit more ellyptical (sp?)
because the dark pattern inside the circle is at the top and
your eye is drawn up to that point and so another optical
illusion is happening in which you start seeing an ellipse…
just a thought?