IK Dickinson Pullover Anyone?

Is anyone knitting this? or planning to? I was curious about what yarn people are using because I think the yarn they use is a bit too expensive for me right now (plus I can’t seem to find it anywhere!)

My mom (who’s not a knitter) was flipping through the magazine and said “Oh this is nice, this is so pretty” about 3 times about the Dickinson Pullover (Im pretty sure she was hinting at a possible Christmas present) So now I have a reason to make it, and to buy some new yarn of course :wink:

Your Mom is so right, that pullover is gorgeous and would be a fabulous Christmas present!

I’m really not familliar with their suggested yarn, but to be honest, I substitute yarn more often that not.

I am a fan of Paton’s Classic Wool, 100% Merino for sweaters that have a lot of detail because it holds the stitch definition so well. It runs around $7.50 per 100 gm ball, which from my calculation, would cut the amount needed for that pattern in half.

Personally, I find no shame in knitting a $50 sweater over a $150 one…Just means I can knit 3! :yay: And I’m knitting an IK sweater from that yarn as we speak!

No doubt if you look around, you’ll find a number or afforable yarns out there worthy of your efforts and your Mom will love!

Good luck with your search and I would love to see the FO!

I have seen Patons Classic Wool in stores, do you know if they have a chunky version?

The yarn is Zitron Loft Classic, which I can’t find anywhere! I have seen Zitron Loft, which is the same yarn but it’s all multicolor. I’m sure I’ll end up substituting anyway because I’ll be going back to school soon, so my money is going to have to be spent on books instead of yarn :frowning:

have you checked out KnitPicks? I love love LOVE KnitPicks! Their Wool of the Andes is really nice and they have bulky solids and hand dyed colors - and it’s very affodable. Also, Webs has lots of stuff on closeout right now. HTH