If you have, "Special Knits" by Debbie Bliss..help

Anyone working on a rabbit pattern from that book? If you are please let me know! I’m in need of so much help!

I don’t have the book, but maybe if you say what you’re having trouble with, we can help…

I started a new question regarding this pattern on the “Pattern” forum. I’ll copy and paste it here, just give me a minute! It’s long!


I’ve been all over this forum! I am attempting to make a rabbit from a pattern in “Special Knits” by Debbie Bliss. I am stuck on the “gusset”. If you have made this, or know what I need help w/please respond! If I sound desperate…it’s because I am!

At first, I had problems decreasing on each end like the pattern called:

c/o 22
Knit in st st 6 rows
Continue in st st and decrease each end for the next 8 rows - 6 sts
Pick up and knit 42 st on the shape edge of the gusset

This entire section above has me going grazy. I don’t know which dec st to use for the knit side and the purl side. Further more, which one do I use on the left and right?!

I made 2 attempts at the gusset, (slanting edge looks aweful!) and I stopped at “pick up 42 st…” because I didn’t even see if there were 42 stitches on the gusset to even p/u! What am I doing wrong?!

Maybe just overthinking it a little…
On the knit side, I usually use either k2tog or ssk… If I have this right :?? the ssk leans left, so you would use it on the right hand edge, and the k2tog slants right, so you would use it on the left hand edge… On the purl side, just p2tog.
Don’t worry about it looking awful, because when you pick up stitches, it will hide the edge…
And when it tells you to pick up 42 st, and you don’t have 42 places to pick up from, just pick up evenly… It’s ok to pick up two stitches from the same place, and easy to do if you
-pick up one stitch
-transfer it back to the left needle
-knit the stitch
This will ‘lock’ the yarn, so you can pick up more than one stitch from the same spot.
Hope that helped!!

[B][I]Thank you so much!!! You’re a lifesaver![/I][/B]

I’m making this for my little one who has been asking me for over a month to make her rabbit! I’m going to try it right now! :happydance:

LOL - yay, I’m a lifesaver!
Glad that helped, make sure you post a pic when you’re done!!

OMG! I just realized that I’m making the butt! I’ll post a picture when I’m finished, like you said! :cheering:
Thanks again

OMG! I just realized that I’m making the butt!

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Isn’t that funny how knitting works like that??
I made a glove, just blindly following instructions, and about 4 rows into the shaping I stopped and went, ‘OMG, that’s a thumb! Now I get it!!!’

Glad you got over the BUMp LOL.