If you have a Tuesday Morning near you

go check it out. I found some bags of Lion Yarns. The notable ones (for me) were 3 balls CottonEase for 5.99…and 3 balls Magic Stripes for 9.99. They also had these big packs of Balene straights real cheap…and there was some other stuff too, but it didn’t catch my eye as much as the others. I’d really LOVE to get some CottonEase to make some tanks out of…so don’t take it all before I can get some cash!

I recently discovered that Tuesday Morning had yarn and needles–I’m sure that I’ll be checking back frequently to see what’s in stock! Of course I really should use what I have first… :oops:

But you know you’ll need more yarn eventuallly, right? Might as well get it while its on sale :slight_smile:

But you know you’ll need more yarn eventuallly, right? Might as well get it while its on sale

I seriously doubt I’m going to be needing more yarn for a loooong time…and I only started knitting 6 months ago!!! I don’t know how I’ve accumulated so much. :??

I OBVIOUSLY have the same problem :doh:

Guess I shouldn’t encourage others into stash addiction :slight_smile:

I seriously stocked up at that joann’s sale last weekend…bought 10 red, turquoise, hot pink and orange (that would be 10 of each, at a buck fitty…you do the math, ladies) and 8 purple (because they didnt have 10). I forgot i had a $25 gift cert for Joann’s as well as a $100 gift card visa…so Ididnt feel too badly going hog wild. I am thinking tanks, and maybe that Sit Com sweater from Knitty once I master the fine art of the sweater!!!

The closest Tuesday Morning is an hour from here…so will just wait to see what happens at Joanns, maybe they will put back on sale for 4th of july.

Went to Rochester on Sunday. (Got to sing with my choir, hooray!) Tuesday Morning was completely out of the Cotton-Ease. JoAnn only had one skein left- and it was a hideous orange color. I did not buy any yarn! I can’t believe it. A 192 mile trip is way too far to go home empty handed. :lol:
I was worried about ordering yarn online, but I had a lightbulb moment when I realized that I could get what I needed while sitting on my fanny here at home.

Hey! I bought that heinous orange color!!!

I’m so sorry, hon. No offense intended. It was probably less about the color than the fact that there was no yarn left for me.

Oh but no offense was taken because it was indeed a heinous color…one of those what was I thinking when I got home colors!!!

maybe you could use it for THIS or some other Halloween project :slight_smile:

Or use it for pumpkin hats… :smiley:

I was going to suggest traffic cones. :lol:

At mine, they did have a few bags of that orange stuff left, but they had some pretty colors of wool ease 3 skeins/$7.99. On the shelf next to it, they had a ton of creme colored plastic boye knitting needles that were quite long, mostly in size 6, but I also saw a couple 9’s. Left with nothing…


It would make up into a most excellent Hallowig! wouldnt it be FESTIVE!!!