If you frequent the library at

Burlington, Iowa, I am sincerely sorry that 75% of the knitting books are checked out to me. And I will probably renew them. Twice. :blush:

Also I saw they had “The Art of Knitting” DVD, but since I had so many books, I figured I better wait on that one. :happydance:

:shock: I wondered who was responsible for that!

hehehe j/k I would do the same thing if Omaha libraries carried them :wink:

speaking of, did you see the interviews with Ice-T when he was in town to open the North Omaha library? (i don’t care if it is north Omaha…still a weird choice by my estimation!) He kept talking about how important the “libarry” is. I enjoy him but that was completely grating on my ears!!

Ice-T? Why on earth would they have Ice-T open a librarrry? I missed that wish I hadn’t though would have been fun to make fun of him. I know that is probably for the kids but they could have chosen some one more sutible. :roflhard:

Sorry for the thread napp Gm :wink:

I love Ice-T :smiley:

Hah! I’m about to do the same thing, bit by bit, at the Rock Hill, SC library. I’ve got every book that sounded remotely interesting either in my possession, or on reserve for when it comes in. Including ones that are on order.

They allow us 50 books out at a time. This could be bad.

If your library doesn’t have a book you want - REQUEST IT!

They may just decide to buy it instead of shipping it in from out of state. I requested all 3 of Yarn Harlot’s books and they bought one and are on the look out for her newest.

Plus I took every chance at renewal & return time to tell them the 2nd book (Library Interloan shipped from 4 library hours away) was so laugh out loud funny they needed to buy it! Watching to see if they do so I can take “credit”. :slight_smile: (Shared it with my mom and the only complaint is the printing was too small & fine for eyes with issues! She has to use a magnifying glass for anything not big print.)

Several times lately when I’ve requested a book they’ve just bought it instead of shipping in from another library.

Knitters visiting the library behind you will thank you - even if you hog it with renewals at first!!