If you could only get one of EZ's books

from Santa, which would it be?

I’m making out my Christmas list for the dh, and I know I want (indeed, NEED) to read EZ, but I just don’t know which to get first. I’ve got Knitting Without Tears on my list right now…is that a good one to start with?

I have, I think, all of her books. Knitting without Tears is probably the best for how-to knitting. Her other books have knitting, and patterns, and lots of information for the construction of a sweater and the whole concept of making things without specific pattern. All her books have knitting specifics, of course, but her ‘digressions’ are so well written and entertaining–about her life–that they are all worth a read.

KNitting Workshop :wink: That’s the one on my list…but #1 on the list is the “A Knitting Glossary” DVD :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

My former all-time favorite (of EZ’s or anyone else’s) was Knitters Almanac, but it’s been replaced by The Opinionated Knitter - it’s absolutely fabulous. If I could only have one knitting book on a deserted island, that one would be it!

My copy of EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac is the one I’ve used most, but I also really like Knitting Around. Knitting Without Tears is nice for the basics, and it does have basic instr. for a seamless sweater that I’ve used and adapted a lot, but it’s actually my least favorite of the bunch.