If instructions say "use wool", do I really have t

Just curious here about a project I might like to take on when I get more experienced. Its an afghan that calls for wool. I would like it to be more washable because I have 5 cats. Can I substitute something else for wool and still have the instructions work out?

i think there are some washable wools out there. Does your pattern say anything about “worsted-weight”? Maybe a washable substitute in that range would work? With afghans you’ve probably got more flexibility than with say sweaters.

Unless you’re going to felt it, you can use any yarn you want to. :thumbsup:


Naturally Aran 10 ply by Naturally/S.R. Kertzer, Ltd., 3½oz/100g balls, each approx 187yds/170m (wool)

I agree with Silver. Use any aran or worsted weight wool you want. Some wools are labeled ‘superwash’ and can be washed in the machine, but must be laid flat to dry. Acrylics can be washed and dried. There are blends that are usually 75% acrylic and 25% acrylic that are machine washable and dryable.

Patterns will often list a yarn to use because either that is what they used for the sample in the picture, or the pattern is put out by a certain yarn company and they, of course, want you to use their product.