If I disappear suddenly

…it’s because my computer is acting up. We think the hard drive is ready to bite the dust. So to that end I have been trying to decide if it’s worth it to replace the HD on a 4.5 yr old computer or just buy a new CPU. Depending on what we decide the cost difference might only be about $200-250. I don’t really have extra money to spend now, but I don’t think I could live w/o a computer till I can afford one.

Anyway, that’s what the story is so if I disappear I’ll be :hair: not leaving. :wink:

[B]OH!! I totally forgot I wanted to ask you all… If you have an AMD processor have you had any particular problems? I realize all computers can have problems regardless of processor, but trying to figure out what do here… [/B]

i would recommend going ahead and getting a new, relatively cheap computer. with the way technology progresses so fast, it probably won’t be worth updating your old one. you might want to think about comparing the cost of a new one now, with the cost of an update now and replacing it when it’s just too old to really be useful anymore.

Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m doing [SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]in between posting and reading here! :teehee:

[COLOR=Black][SIZE=2]This one is a Dell and we’ve had no huge problems and the problems we did have the customer service was excellent. However, to just buy the CPU through them is more than I want to spend really. I saw an HP Pavilion that was $549 for the CPU which is all I really need I think. The monitor, mouse and keyboard are fine for now if they work with the new CPU.

I agree that you should go ahead and replace the computer. You will save a ton of money if you’re not getting the extra stuff.

Make sure you go ahead and get enough RAM though.

One thought, though…did you check ebay for hard drives? I’m sure you probably have. You’re computer savy enough to know this. Newegg.com is also a great site that I’ve purchased from. They might have some relatively inexpensive hard drives.

my DH always buys the parts he wants, then assembles them in the housing. I’m pretty sure it isn’t cheaper than an off the shelf machine, but he is reasonable sure of the quality of parts he buys and installs. Our home machines have had very little trouble. (barring his HD meltdown of the summer- probably random). My Dad has an off the shelf model, that isn’t really right for what he does, and the d*mn thing is always on the fritz. We use AMD’s generally without issues, and western digital drives. I know very little of the details b/c DH takes care of it all for me. But I can ask him his opinion if yoiu would like. MKZ

I have an AMD right now, and had an AMD before as well, and I never had any problems.

If your computer is over 4 years old, it’s probably better to just buy a new one. Depending on the system you have you can recycle a few parts, like RAM (always a good idea to buy more though) or the graphics card. But prices of computers are pretty low now, sometimes it’s just easier to get a complete system.

Good luck!:thumbsup:

:thud:Scared me there for a second when I read the title–I immediately thought “illness”. Glad its just a “sick” computer!!!:teehee:

Thanks for the thoughts and info!

I’ve copied anything I feel I can’t lose (like photos) and things I don’t want to lose (like patterns) so I’m feeling better about it if it does die on me.

We are now thinking that some of the noise coming from the CPU might be vibration although the HD or something is way too noisy on it’s own, too. Based on the prices of new computers and the age of this one we are going to try to hold out till after Christmas and just buy a new one. If this one bites the dust earlier then I guess we’ll just have to deal with it, but hopefully it’ll hold out. Maybe I’ll just get some earplugs… :think: :teehee:

if you haven’t been doing it, get a can of air and spray out all the dust from the cpu.
a surprising number of computers die before their time because of that, I heard - it cooks into the chips and moving parts and all. or whatever’s in there…

That’s our next step, Rebecca. :teehee:

Last year my dd’s Compaq died and she was going to buy a new hard drive for $200.00. It was near Christmas and Walmart had a HP Pavllion with monitor, mouse and keyboard for $448.00 so she bought that. She is very happy with it. I have a Compaq that is about 2 years old and an older HP Pavillion and both work fine.