Idiographic Stitch Symbols

[FONT=“Times New Roman”][SIZE=“3”][COLOR="#201090"]Long time back I saw a book that used graphic symbols for the stitches rather than letter abbreviations. (graphic as in pictures)

I had trouble with a current project and drew out the stitches in the pattern and spotted what appears to be an error in the pattern. Starting chain was x number of stitches and row 1, 2, and following resulted in x + k stitch counts. Of course I don’t have my drawing handy to scan and insert the image. :hmm: :roll:

Symbols used were solid or hollow oval, then T for crochets with differing number of diagonal slashes to indicate single, half double, double, etc.

Has anyone else seen these?

[B][U]Crochet Chart Symbols[/U][/B] at
[SIZE=“1”] also
[B][U]Knitting Chart Symbols[/U][/B] [/SIZE]

– Jack

OMG, I love those. I used to be able to get a crochet magazine that originated in france, called “magic Crochet” I loved the diagrams.
Interweave crochet is starting to integrate the symbols into some of their crochet patterns in their magazines. I find it much much easier to follow a pattern when there is a sort of picture to follow.
Also, “crochet fantasy” utilizes the diagrams as well.:happydance: :thumbsup:

I just did a quick google search for “crochet symbols” and came up with this:

The symbols are practically an international standard, allowing the pattern to cross languages, countries, and speech. I’ve used a TON of japanese patterns. Gotta guess at the type of yarn used, but the diagrams are easily readable once you have the key. :slight_smile:

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Most crochet books have the symbols for both the American and British systems. It is becoming more common to use. I have a couple of patterns from an Italian magazine sent to me by a friend and it is all symbols.

I so need to get used to the symbols… I can see they would be so much easier than “reading” the pattern.

The symbols are my favorite also. I can knock out a lace pattern in nothing flat with symbols.

Also, if you are having trouble with a pattern and stop to chart it out, you can find and solve problems and even see where to make it easier to work in some cases.

What I would love is to have a way to use them to create charts and patterns on my computer.


[COLOR=“darkred”][SIZE=“3”][FONT=“Georgia”]I can’t get use to them and I have years of Magic Crochet mags…I thought I could, but the symbols are small and hard to read at times…even with my bifocals, I would rather read than follow symbols…[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]


I’ve tried, with both knitting and crochet, but can’t get used to it. Even bought one of those magnetic boards to attach my pattern to and follow along line by line. Sigh. How come I can do it when cross stitching?