Identifying Antique Knitting Needles?

I have two pair of these antique knitting needles. Both are metal and are stamped “MSS” near the top. I was wondering if anybody had any information on these before I give them to my mom for Christmas. I appreciate any help and thanks in advance!

Not positive, but these may have been made by C.J. Bates Company of Chester CT.

Manufacturer of manicure sets, crochet hooks, and knitting needles in Chester, Connecticut. Founded by Carlton J. Bates (1848-1941) in 1907.

I think this company may have become Susan Bates?

are you sure they are antiques?
celtic swan uses very similar end caps, and the same swirl design on her needle shafts (and makes needles from bronze and they look like bronze) and marks them very similarly.

could they be new needles? (and if not celtic swan.

They do look a lot like the celtic swan needles and the initials are a giveaway - MSS for Molly Swan Sheeran.