Identifying a Mistake

Hi. My sister is knitting an afghan and somehow gets a loop that goes across 2 0r 3 sts. I cannot for the life of me figure out what she is doing? Does anyone know what I am talking about??? HELP PLEASE??


It is prolly because she is getting her ‘working yarn’ crossed over to the front when she is doing the knit stitch.

Ask her to really pay attention to her ‘working yarn’s’ position.
When she “knits” the working yarn is in BACK of the work.
When she “purls” the working yarn is in FRONT of the work.

Thank you much. You don’t know how I appreciate this. I just phoned my sister and told her and she herself has been paying closer attention and thought that that is what she could be doing! I’m so excited to get this figured out, with your help of course.

Have a great day…I’m from Canada by the way…BC

You’re welcome Queen! You are a valued member of our knitting community, and we are happy to have you here!

Also, feel free to post any question, any time! You’ll get even quicker response if you post knitting questions in the category called HOW-TO QUESTIONS! Some of our very experienced knitters look in that category first thing just to see what new questions have been posted! They’ll be all over it! :wink:

Happy knitting! And tell your sister hello from us! :muah:

Thanks for the advice. I am just new to this forum, so not exactly sure which way to go. There is a lot here to look at. Kind of overwhelming at first. But sure will use it as I can see it will be very helpful.