Identify Yarn -help!

Hello, I need help identify a yarn I bought a few months ago.
I bought it from Michael’s in Canada, it’s very soft, velvety and a bulky 5 weight yarn. I no longer have the tag and have been unable to find it online or in Michael’s stores(but I swear it was there a month ago). I know it’s not Bernat baby blanket, that yarn is thicker and not as soft as this.

I remember the colour selection at the store was very odd, consisting of lilac, light green, light blue, light grey, mustard yellow and white.
Any help would be great! I would like to purchase more!


Your picture didn’t post. Try again?

oops! Sorry, I think I have attached it now? I think the yarn was marketed as a baby yarn and it was in a very large ball.

Looking at yarn is such a hardship! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Could it be

It really looks like one of the Bernat blanket yarns.

I’m not much help I fear but I did find one more possible. And any excuse to look at yarn even if I am not buying. I’m not. I’m not buying yarn. I am not buying yarn. I wish you luck. I hate when stuff like this happens.

I need this yarn.

I have a friend who is using something that looks like this. I sent her a text message so will let you know what she says. It’s Friday night here now in CA so I may not know till tomorrow at least.

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions, I finally found the yarn, it’s Premier Parfait!

I really appreciated all of the help!


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Oh good you found it! My friend texted back that she’s using Bernat Blanket which appears to be a little fuzzier than yours. She’s making a tiger so it’s perfect for that. lol

Try Walmart. I am sure I bought this type, same colour, for a baby polar bear hat. It was quite chunky wool.