Identify Cable Pattern?

Hi Everyone. I been stuck on this for a past few days. I hope someone can help identify this cable stitch used “knot” of the headband.

I don’t think it’s just a simple Cable braid using Cable Front/ Cable Back pattern. I can’t seem to figure out how she makes the “knot”.

I appreciate any help!!

Thank you!!

Not exactly the same, but here are some variations of the turban headband:

Free pattern
Craftsy pattern

Thank you, I appreciate the reply. I’ve seen those patterns before too but I want to try to knit it in one continuous piece before grafting the ends together.

Where did you find the pictures? Maybe there are some hints there…

I’d experiment with provisinal cast-ons to make the loops, than joining the beginning and knitting edge together to knit the rest of the headband.

I found it on Instagram. I think she is a Russian knitter, she sells the headbands but not the pattern.

I’m really set on trying to make the “twist”/ “knot” like she did instead of using the grafting to make the twist. I think it is possible with cables but I’m just not sure which cable method she used.

Couldn’t stop thinking about it (my current project is getting a little tedious) and had to try it!

Here’s what I did:

  1. Cast on 6 sts with provisional cast on.

  2. Work in stockinette stitch for however many rows to be able to make a little loop (here about 16). Then add the stitches of the provisional cast on to the needle, work in st st over all 12 sts (pic 1).

  3. Work in st st until desired length (pic 2).

  4. Put half the sts (6) on piece of waste yarn, work in st st with the other 6 sts (pic 3) for about 8 rows. Cut working yarn leaving a nice tail just in case.

  5. Pick up the 6 sts on the waste yarn, work about 8 rows in st st.

  6. Do a three needle bind-off by holding the two edges with two needles in, wrong sides together (pic 4).

  7. Secure knot with yarn ends. Make sure you hide the bound off edge in the back (pic 5). Weave in ends.

As you can see, the “holes” are a bit big for the yarn and number of stitches I used, so you’d have to knit fewer rows than the ~16 I did.

Thank you for writing out the instructions and pictures!! I really appreciate it. I can’t wait to try it out!! :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome!

I needed a challenge so I can go back to my very repetitive project…

Good luck, hope it’ll work out for you!