Identify a stitch

I was hoping to figure out how to replicate these stitches. I am fairly sure this has been knit on a machine to look like crochet, but am wondering if any one knew what sort of stitches it is replicating, if you were to crochet it.



Hi and welcome to KH. It does look like knitting. I think Granny ripple patterns would be the closest match with crochet.


Great. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome. I hope you can copy it to your satisfaction. I’m thinking the neck will be tricky.

Another possibility is:

A filigree chevron pullover?

A Filigree cardigan

Or a filigree ripple pullover?

My Vocabulary
Filigree: open, regular grid of lace.
Chevron: using inc & dec to create peaks and valleys in the rows.
Ripple: creating a RS ridge at the top of every row (in the round) by working in the back loop only (BLO) or
(flat or back and forth) alternate BLO with front loop only (FLO) by rows.

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Here is a similar crochet pattern wrap.

And here is avideo for another scarf called the Lorax.

Q1: what crochet was the knit pattern likely replicating.

Q2: How to knit it. I have some ideas. I have made a fool of myself before by writing out and posting a pattern before I tested it.

I could use some help testing.
If you are adventurous and can both crochet and knit then I am up for some creative collaboration. Almost midnight here so I’ll tee turn tomorrow.

Any way to knit 2 or more stitches vertically with out short rows and without leaving ladders crossing the eyelet between the two+ rows of k1 “Tower” columns?

Not a K1, YO, K1 Pattern.:thinking:

More like two (or more) row button hole one st wide gap.